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How to produce glucose syrup from cassava ?

Date:May 03, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

cassava glucose syrup process

Cassava glucose syrup production plant

Glucose syrup is a concentrated aqueous solution of glucose, maltose and other nutritive saccharides obtained from edible starch. Depending on the proportion of the different sugars in the syrup, it may be specifically called a maltodextrin, high maltose syrup or high dextrose glucose syrup.  “Glucose Syrup” is the standard industry term referring to a mixed syrup containing glucose, maltose and a range of maltodextrins of different sizes. 

The cassava glucose syrup process is divided into two section: first section is making cassava starch cassava first , the second section is making glucose syrup from cassava starch .This technology could yield economic and social benefits to the farmers who produce the cassava, entrepreneurs who produce the syrup, as well as the end-users. 

Glucose syrup processing machine

Glucose syrup production line machine

The  cassava glucose syrup process detail description as below : 

1. Cassava starch making of cassava glucose syrup process

  The cassava starch production line can produce high quality cassava starch from cassava  automaticly, then the cassava starch will be used for making glucose syrup . 

cassava starch productionmachine

cassava starch productionmachine

2. Starch milk adjustment of cassava glucose syrup process

Starch milk coming from starch plant is adjusted to DS28-32% and proper pH and temperature. Or mix the dry starch with water to reach above condition for next section.

3.Liquefaction of cassava glucose syrup process

Starch milk is sent to buffer tank then liquefied by jet cooker with the aid of enzyme.

4. Saccharification of cassava glucose syrup process

The liquefied material is sent to enzyme saccharification tank for reaction. After being kept in holding tube the required DE value of the glucose will be reached. Then the material is sent to flash for cooling then to the neutralization tank for suitable pH value.

cassava starch produce glucose syrup

Cassava starch produce glucose syrup

5.  Filtration and decoloring of cassava glucose syrup process

Glucose is cleaned by removing the protein and other foreign items in rotary vacuum filter and filter press. Active carbon is needed for decoloring at proper temperature.

6.  Ion exchange of cassava glucose syrup process

Tiny foreign items and bad odor is removed via ion exchanger. This equipment is used for high quality product.

7. Evaporation of cassava glucose syrup process

The glucose is totally cleaned through safety filter then sent to evaporator for concentrating to reach the required DS as final product cassava glucose syrup . 
Our company can supply the complete cassava glucose syrup production line to help the customer produce glucose syrup from cassava roots directly .


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