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What is the economic benefit of cassava starch production?

Date:Mar 12, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava planting is easy and harvest fast, cassava tuber starch content is very high, and little protein, oil and ash content, fresh cassava root starch content is 25% - 32%, so fresh cassava is a good raw materials for starch production. On the other hand, cassava as a raw materials for starch production is cheap, and cassava is hard to save for a long time. Cassava processed into starch can make full use of cassava, increase the economic benefits of cassava, also solve the problem that cassava difficult be stored. So the cassava starch production has a good economic benefits.

cassava starch production

Cassava starch wide applications

Cassava starch with a large international market and wide application range:

Cassava starch price in international market is very higher than cassavas, processing cassava into starch, its price can break up severalfold even a few times. Nowdays, cassava starch is popular in Europe, America and Asia, only China demand for cassava starch is more than 1 million tons, but the cassava starch production volume is far less than this. With the changes in prople's food consumption concept and futher improvement of cassava starch applications, cassava starch demands in intertional market also will be higher and higher.  Therefore, the economic benefits of cassava starch production are very good, and can get good economic benefits. For countries where cassava is widely grown, such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Thailand, it is an effective way to increase the benefits of international trade.

cassava starch production ecnomic benefits

Cassava starch production process

Cassava starch production equipment introduction:

DOING cassava starch production equipment has a large production capacity, with a short production cycle, and it takes only 10-15 minutes from cassava cleaning to cassava starch finished. And our cassava starch production equipment effectively avoids the secondary pollution of oxidized Browning, dust and microorganisms during long exposure to the air, improved the production efficiency and quality of cassava starch.

cassava starch production

DOING cassava starch production equipment

Cassava starch production equipment main features:

1. Advanced technology, cassava starch extraction rate can be 94%-95%.

2. We are dedicated to the development and design of cassava starch equipment, which makes us more professional.

3. Experienced professional installation team has been in over 40 countries and regions for several years to install and adjust cassava starch production equipment.

4. Perfect after-sales service, provide lifelong technical support.

5. Our equipment has passed the CE certification, and approval of the third parties such as France BV and Germany TUV.

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