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How to process cassava syrup from cassava ?

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cassava syrup processing machine

Cassava starch and cassava syrup 

Cassava syrup also called glucose syrup is a concentrated aqueous solution of glucose, maltose and other nutritive saccharides .The cassava syrup is used as a sweetener in foods and beverages.The cassava syrup can  be a one-to-one corn syrup replacer .

 How to process cassava syrup from cassava ?
The cassava syrup production is similar with the corn syrup production . First , it will need process cassava starch from cassava first , then use the cassava starch to produce the cassava syrup .

cassava syrup processing plant

Cassava syrup processig plant

The cassava syrup production process as below :

1. Cassava starch production :  Making the refined cassava starch from 
2 Mixing: The DS value of the starch that came from cassava starch production line is adjusted to 28-32% and control a proper value of PH and temperature. Or adding a certain amount of water to achieve the above conditions then go to the next section.
3 Liquefaction and heating: Starch milk is sent to buffer tank then liquefied by jet cooker with the aid of enzyme.
4.Saccharification: The liquefied material keeps reaction for a certain time under the action of enzyme. The required DE value of the cassava syrup will be produced. 
5.Filtration and decolorization:  For producing clear cassava syrup , the cassava syrup will be pass by active carbon to decoloring at the appropriate temperature , finally send to filters to remove activated carbon and send to the next section.
cassava syrup production plant

Cassava syrup production plant

6.Ion exchange : For producing high quality cassava syrup , the clear cassava syrup will be pass by the Ion exchangers to increase the purity of cassava syrup. 
6.Final production storage tank:Maintain the glucose syrup purity, easy transportation.
7.Evaporation: The cassava syrup is totally cleaned through safety filter machine then sent to evaporator for concentrating to reach the required DS as final product.

8..Final production storage tank: Maintain the cassava syrup purity, easy transportation.

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