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What should be paid attention to while choosing sweet potato starch processing machine?

Date:Aug 20, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

With the prosperity of sweet potato starch business at home and abroad, there are a variety of sweet potato starch processing machine on the market. So as an industry novice, what should be paid attention to while choosing sweet potato starch processing machine? As a professional, I'd like to share with you a tip that will help you find suitable machine: pay attention to production capacity, cost performance of equipment and manufacturer qualification.

①Pay attention to production capacity

First of all, you should learn about the production capacity of your sweet potato starch processing plant. If the production capacity is large, Henan Jinrui suggests that you choose a full set of sweet potato processing machine, so that the production efficiency is higher and the economic benefit is better. If the production capacity is small, then you can purchase the main equipment for sweet potato starch processing plant according to their own production needs and investment budget. For different production capacity, Henan Jinrui Company can customize the scheme according to the needs of customers, so that the sweet potato starch processing machine covers a small area, saves energy and water, and produces efficiently.

sweet potato starch processing machineSweet potato starch processing machine

②Pay attention to the cost performance of equipment

High cost effective sweet potato starch processing machine should have the features of stable operation, high starch extraction rate, low power and water consumption, easy handling, etc. For example, Henan Jinrui Company adopts two-step crushing way in the sweet potato starch crushing production process. That’s adopting cutting machine and rasper to crush potato into potato slurry. The crushing rate is as high as 94%, which greatly improve the rate of starch extraction and the economic benefit.

cutting machine and raspercutting machine and rasper

And according to Henan Jinrui’s professional engineers’ advice, the sweet potato starch processing machine parts which contacts the potato starch material directly had better adopt stainless steel material instead of carbon steel. Comparatively speaking, stainless steel material is tough and not easy to corrosion, has a long service life.

③Pay attention to manufacturer qualification

Selecting experienced and powerful equipment manufacturer can reduce investment risks.When purchasing equipment, you should know the supplier's information properly, so as to better guarantee the quality of the purchased sweet potato starch processing machine. The manufacturer qualification includes whether to have an independent factory, professional technical team, complete after-sales service system, etc.

The sweet potato starch processing machine manufactured by Henan Jinrui Company has high performance, high quality and energy saving advantages. And our sales manager can offer you customized service and practical solutions to help you choose suitable sweet potato starch processing machine, so that the limited capital play greater economic benefits. Welcome to consult us about the free quotation at any time!


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