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What's the features of using corn to make glucose?

Date:Apr 23, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Corn glucose syrup processing line

Corn glucose syrup processing line

This week, we go to see our corn glucose syrup processing line in Beijing city, The glucose syrup line is the whole line which including: corn flour making, germ removing, and mixing of corn flour,spray liquefied system,deproteinization , saccharifying, decoloration part, andion exchange part, evaporation part etc.

This is newest technology in domestic.compared to the technology of using corn starch making glucose, the features is below:

1.Save production cost because no need to make corn starch firstly

2.Save labor. take 20tpd as example, it needs around 10 workers for the whole line,

3.With less waste of water, when corn starch making, there will be lots of wasted water, but if using corn as raw material to produce glucose syrup direvtly, there is no water, during the corn four making process. and less wasted water.

4.Get more by product, during the steps of corn glucose processing line, there will be protein which can be as animal food.



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