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Production of glucose syrup from starch

Date:Oct 15, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Starch syrup is a thick, sticky, translucent sugar syrup, which always stays liquid. It contains a mixture of glucose, maltose, and higher saccharides, and comes in a number of different types, depending on the combination of such carbohydrates.

Until recently, the industry in Russia was producing only one type of starch syrup — confectionery syrup.

Today, due to the introduction of modern technologies, the companies within ASTON Group produce a whole range of starch syrups of excellent quality. Our products do not contain any genetically modified organisms.

Glucose syrup (DE > 38) is mostly used in beer brewing because of its high content of fermentable sugars. It helps to increase the productivity and to improve the original extract. Maltose starch syrup is widely used in the bread-making industry because of its ability to increase the crumb grain and elasticity. As a result, the baked goods get a light-brown crust and a nice flavour and stay fresh longer.

This type of starch syrup is also important in the confectionary industry and in making preserves. It helps give the syrup for various jams, fruit batters and marmalades greater treacliness, and increases the storage period of goods. Moreover, maltose starch syrup improves the taste of food products.

starch syrup machine

Starch syrup machine

Production of glucose syrup from starch  description:

1.Mixing slurry

 Put the starch and water  into the mixing tank, then put in enzyme, keep on particular standard temperature, waiting for some time , then transport to next work section.

liquefaction process

Liquefaction process

2.Injector liquefaction

 The mixed starch milk is sent to buffer tank then liquefied by jet cooker with the aid of enzyme at high temperature  in regular time .

saccharification process

Saccharification process

3. Saccharification  

 The liquefied material is sent to enzyme saccharification tank for reaction.   Maintain at specific temperature for some time , the syrup will transfer to maltose syrup .

decolorization process

Decolorization process


 After LAB testing, all the maltose syrup pumping into the decoloration tanks, at uniform temperature,  mix with activated carbon, usually it have to make twice to get pure maltose syrup.

decarburization process

Decarburization process

5.Filter press decarburization

 The maltose syrup with activated carbon will be pumped into the press filter, after press the clean maltose syrup will flow into the buffer tank, the activated carbon will stay inside the filter.

ion exchange process

Ion exchange machine

6.Ion exchange

 The clean maltose syrup pumping into the ion exchange columns, inside the column resin will attract all the cation and anion and other small electron, then will get very pure glucose syrup for people eating.  This equipment always is used for high quality product.


Under vacuum conditions, the glucose syrup is heated for evaporation. When the glucose syrup concentration reaches the  technology requirement, then it cools the temperature and enters into the final product tank for storage. The finished product can be high glucose syrup and super high glucose syrup .

Now,if you are interested in our machine of glucose syrup from starch,and want to get more informations about the glucose syrup from starch,weclome to contact us and our engineer will give you a feasibility program according to your requirement.

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