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How to convert potato into potato starch quickly and conveniently?

Date:Sep 03, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

To improve potato starch processing efficiency and economic benefits of potato starch processing plant, here I would like to share you how to convert potato into potato starch quickly and conveniently. That’s using automatic potato starch processing machine to produce potato starch.

Automatic potato starch processing machine can convert potato into potato starch quickly and conveniently through the following five steps:

1.Using dry sieve and rotary washing machine to clean off the impurities attached on the potato and make potato washing completely.

2.Using cutting machine and rasper to crush the potato effectively and improve the potato starch extraction rate.

3.Using centrifuge sieve and hydrocyclone station to remove fiber, protein and cell sap out of starch milk to concentrate and delicate potato starch milk.

4.Using vacuum filter to dehydrate the starch milk, which has realized automatic discharging and can reduce the labor cost.

5.Using flash dryer to dry the potato starch instantly, the flash dryer can guarantee the moisture uniformity and the high standards of the finished potato starch.

potato starch production processPotato starch production process

The whole potato starch production process can realize automatic visualized operation under the control of PLC system and it only takes about 30 minuets to convert potato into starch. Besides that, the automatic potato starch processing machine has the advantages of high starch extraction rate, high quality finished potato starch, stable running, low power consumption, which can reduce the cost of labor, water, time and improve economic benefits.

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