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How to extract starch from potato?

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As a potato deep processing product, potato starch is not only widely used in the food industry, but also an important industrial raw material. But how to extract starch from potato? Doing Company as a professional and experienced starch processing machine manufacturer, our potato starch extraction technology consists of the following unit
Potato receiving-stone removal and cleaning-washing-grinding-separating-concentration and refining-dewatering-drying and packing

potato starch extraction processPotato starch extraction process

1. Raw material receiving unit: The raw material receiving unit is the first step of how to extract starch from potato. The main purpose of this unit is to remove the potato impurities and store them in the raw material storage pool. Potatoes can be stored for no more than half a month, and the longer the potatoes are stored, the more detrimental it is to starch production.

2. Stone removal and cleaning unit: Clean raw materials play an important role in the process of how to extract starch from potato, so the stone removal and cleaning units is the most important in the pretreatment stage of the raw materials. This unit is to completely remove the sand, mud and other foreign materials in the potato. Then the cleaned potato is transported into rotary washing machine for further washing process.

3. Washing unit: This process is mainly for thoroughly washing the attached soil, sand, dirt and other impurities of potato store the cleaned potatoes in the potato temporary storage hopper. The rotation of the drum in rotary washing machine causes the potato tubers to strongly rub against each other, which can peel off the sticky soil on the potato effectively so as to achieve a good cleaning effect. In this process of how to extract starch from potato, clean washing water is fed from the discharge port, and the water flows reversely to wash the raw materials and discharges dirty water and potato skin from the feeding inlet of the rotary washing machine. The washing water can be sent from the circulation pump to the flow tank as the flushing water for recycling.

potato starch processing machinePotato grinding machine

4. Grinding unit: The grinding unit is one of the most important part for how to extract starch from potato which determines the potato starch extraction rate. High-efficiency grinding machine allows the starch granules in potato cells to be completely released, ensuring that the combined starch content in the potato residue is minimized. DOING rasper is a high efficient machine which fully absorbs international advanced technology and has the features of high extraction rate and high grinding rate.

5. Starch separating unit: Starch separating is another key unit for how to extract starch from potato which has an important effect on the extraction rate of potato starch. The good centrifuge sieve and processing technology can extract the free starch from the potato cells.

Doing Company adopts four-stage centrifugal sieve group can ensure that most of the free starch is collected into the extraction system, which fully guarantees the extraction rate of starch.

6. Starch concentration and refining unit: Concentration and refining is another most important unit for how to extract starch from potato, and the quality starch are completely guaranteed in the cyclone refining unit. The impurities in the starch slurry are completely removed by physical means so as not to affect the quality of the starch product. The 13-stage washing can ensure the washing effect of the cyclone station, which can better remove the impurities such as fibers and proteins contained in the starch milk, and ensure that there is no impurity in the starch milk coming out from the cyclone station. In this way, the indicators of the produced starch can be guaranteed to meet the standards.

potato starch making machinePotato starch separating machine

7. Dewatering unit: The moisture content of the starch milk coming out from the cyclone station is too large to be directly dried. Therefore, the starch milk should be dehydrated first for how to extract starch from potato, so that the moisture content of the starch is about 40%. The starch milk is pumped into the vacuum filter tank, and the vacuum pump forms a negative pressure in the vacuum drum. When the starch milk is in contact with the vacuum drum, the starch is sucked on the drum surface and  is scraped off by a scraper. While the filtrate is sucked into the filtrate separation tank, pumped away by the filtrate pump.

8. Drying and packing unit: This is the last step for how to extract starch from potato. The starch flash dryer is the widely used starch drying machine which mainly dries the dehydrated starch to the desired moisture content of the commercial starch. The dehydrated starch is conveyed by spiral to the feed port of the flash dryer. The starch enters the cyclone with the hot air in the airflow dryer. The dried starch is separated from the air in the cyclone, and the air is discharged out of the cyclone. Then the potato starch is weighted and packed for marketing.

potato starch processing equipmentPotato starch drying machine

The above is the entire process for how to extract starch from potato. Doing Company has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of potato starch processing equipment, we can provide one-stop service system for equipment design, installation and commissioning, and worker training. Welcome to contact us about potato starch processing machine.

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