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How to make garri/gari?

Date:Aug 12, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Our company is a professional manufacturer of garri processing machine,The cassava can be produced in to cassava starch, cassava flour, cassava gari etc.

Here we mainly introduce how to make garri/gari?

garri processing machine

Garri processing flow chart

The newest technology is cleaning,peeling, crushing,dewatering and frying etc

The cassava garri processing machine including: cassava cleaning machine,cassava peeling machine,cassava flour dewatering,cassava flour frying machine etc.

The decription of cassava garri processing line:

(1) Raw material cleaning and peeling : The water will wash the cassava during the process of conveying and then peeling.

garri processing machine

Cassava peeler

(2) Crushing during the garri processing line: The crushing unit is the most important step.The machine will mill the cassava fully.

garri processing machine

Cassava grating machine

(3) Presser dewatering: Press the cassava flour slurry and use the sieve to seperate the fiber

garri processing machine

Dewatering machine

(4) Frying during the garri processing line : After dewatering process,using the fryer to fry the cassava flour. it will be garri/gari.

garri processing machine

Garri fryer

My company could supply the complete garri processing machine. Our garri processing machine had supply garri processing machines to many countries such like Nigeria, Liberia, Tanzania, and many other countries. To supply clients satisfied product and service is our core goal.welcome to visit my factory for garri making machine,and my engineers team will give you a feasibility program according to your demand.


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