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How to make your own potato starch ?

Date:Jul 28, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Our company engaged in providing professional potato starch processing line, as well cassava starch, sweet potato starch and so on. We own years experience of manufacturer and exporter of complete set potato starch processing plant adopts closed way and hydro cyclone method, low consumption, high efficiency and good product quality.

potato starch processing plant

Potato starch processing plant

The whole process of potato starch processing plant can be divided into the following units:

1 Potato Washing/De-stone Unit

New harvest potatoes from the ground should first dry and sieve to remove the impurities as much as possible, and then stored in daily designated area.

2 Broken Unit

Potatoes feed rasping machine through screw conveyer. In order to production line not to stop when changing the saw blade, it should install the second rasping machine.

potato starch processing machine

Potato grinding machine

3 Starch Extraction/Fiber Separation Unit

The potato paste after breaking mixed with water then pump into the first level screen, the wet fiber comes down from the first screen is pumped into the second, third and the fourth extraction screen, be sent to the fiber dryer dehydration. Wet residue dry matter content after dehydration is 10-12%.

potato starch processing machine

Cassava starch extraction machine

4 Concentrate Unit

Down from extraction process in the first level of cone sieve starch slurry pump into rotary self-cleaning filter. Then starch slurry is concentrated.

5 Desanding Unit

Starch milk after concentration is sent to a mixing tank, and then starch can use two levels of de-sander expel sand, the sand collected uses butterfly valve to eject.

potato starch processing machine

Desanding machine

6 Refined Unit

At this time the starches with 12-14 level cyclone stand to clean, refined. Refined unit automatic work and is equipped with the necessary instruments. Starch slurry concentration after the refined is 35-40%.

potato starch processing machine

Hydrocyclone machine

7 Fine Fibre Sieve/Dehydration Unit

Starch slurry in starch jar after refined, and then removes moisture through vacuum filter. The wet starch water content after dehydration is 38—40%.

8 Starch Dry Unit

potato starch processing machine


The product after drying uses high efficiency cyclone to collect, finished products of drying machine use pneumatic conveyor or screw conveyor to cool, cooling dry starch will use two stage cyclone separator collection and screw conveyor sends to the sieving machine, after screening to package warehousing. The whole potato starch processing plant completed.







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