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How to make garri in garri processing factory in Nigeria?

Date:Oct 28, 2020/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

There are many garri processing factories in Nigeria. In the past, the garri processing factory made garri using local methods and manually. Some small garri-making workshops use manual labor to make garri, and some only use simple machines such as grinders and jack presser. Because the traditional method takes too much time and labor and the operation efficiency is very slow, most garri processing factories now use garri processing machines instead of labor.

garri processing factory in NigeriaTraditional handmade garri

Due to the difference in investment cost and investment scale, the garri processing factories in Nigeria has small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale. Garri processing factories of different sizes have different modes of making garri:

Small-scale garri processing factories

Small-scale garri processing factories generally use labor combined with garri processing machines to make garri. In the process of making garri, they use manual labor to clean the cassava raw materials, then use a cassava peeling machine to remove impurities and skin of the cassava raw materials, and then use a grinding machine to fully crush the cassava raw materials. After the crushed cassava pulp is left to stand for fermentation for two to three days, the fermented cassava pulp is dehydrated using a jack presser, and finally fried with garri fryer. In small-scale garri processing factories, due to the large amount of manual operation, although the required cost is low, the production efficiency is very limited.

garri processing factory in NigeriaSimple machine making garri

Medium-scale garri processing factories

Medium-scale garri processing factories usually have a complete garri production line. The entire production line is operated by machines. Dry sieve and paddle washing machine clean the cassava, cassava peeling machine peels the cassava, and the grinding machine crushes the clean cassava into Cassava pulp, fermented cassava pulp is dehydrated with hydraulic press, and then fried with garri fryer. The entire garri production process requires only a small amount of labor to ensure the operation and maintenance of the garri processing machine, and the production capacity of garri is about 1t/d-5t/d.

garri processing factory in NigeriaModern cassava processing machine for making garri

Large-scale garri processing factories

Large-scale garri processing factories use fully automatic garri production lines to make garri. From cassava raw materials feeding to garri packaging, all are operated by machines. Doing Holdings - Henan  Jinrui's fully automated garri production line includes garri processing machines such as dry sieve, paddle washing machine and cassava peeling machine in the cleaning stage, grinding machine, hydraulic press, garri fryer in the processing stage, and vibration sieve, packaging machines in the packaging stage. In addition, several conveyor belts are needed to ensure continuous operation of the garri production line. The entire garri production process is controlled by an automated system. You only need to manually control the computer, set up the system, and monitor the operation of the production line through the screen. Not only the output is high, the efficiency is fast, but the quality of garri is better.

garri processing factory in NigeriaControl system of automatic garri production line

If you want to make garri, please tell us your needs. Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui not only has high-quality garri processing machines, but also has rich garri production line installation experience. Whether you are making garri on a small scale or on a large scale, we will choose the most suitable garri processing machine for you.


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