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What are the problems existing in sweet potato starch processing industry? How to solve these problems?

Date:Sep 18, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Sweet potato starch processing industry has good development prospects and considerable profits, which attracts many people to invest it. However, the following problems exist in the sweet potato starch processing industry: unstable sweet potato starch yield, unsatisfactory sweet potato starch products quality, and low sweet potato starch processing efficiency. This passage will discuss these problems and solutions, which aims to improve the economic benefit of sweet potato starch processing.

1.Unstable sweet potato starch yield

Sweet potato starch yield is related to the sweet potato starch content and starch processing technology. At present, some sweet potato starch processing technology backward, sweet potato raw materials storage time is long, resulting in low starch extraction rate, starch into sugar problems. These factors cause the unstable sweet potato starch yield.

Solutions: store fresh potatoes scientifically and process sweet potato in time to reduce starch losses; select sweet potato starch processing machine with high starch extraction rate to increase yield.

sweet potato starchSweet potato and sweet potato starch

2.Unsatisfactory sweet potato starch products quality

High quality sweet potato starch can meet the high standard requirements in whiteness, fineness and precision. Actually, some places still adopt the traditional backward sweet potato starch processing method, which results in the quality of the finished sweet potato starch products cannot be guaranteed.

Solutions: improve the starch processing method by virtue of the technological power of modern sweet potato starch processing machine; effectively clean & crush sweet potato raw materials, scientifically purify & dry sweet potato starch.

3.Low sweet potato starch processing efficiency

Sweet potato starch processing method, the processing equipment quality, and the starch production line automation degree all make a difference to sweet potato starch processing efficiency. Some sweet potato starch processing factories have backward processing equipment, low degree of mechanization, and many manual interventions. These factors all affect the processing efficiency of sweet potato starch.

Solutions: Adopt sweet potato starch processing machine with high degree of automation and high quality to process sweet potato raw materials at a high efficiency.

sweet potato starch processing machineSweet potato starch processing machine

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