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How do you get the starch out of potatoes ?

Date:Oct 25, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

With the appearance and improvement of the potato starch processing plant, more and more people pay attention to how do you get the starch out of potatoes. Here is the answer of how do you get the starch out of potatoes, and it will be separated into these parts.

In the cleaning and washing part, dry sieve combined with rotary washing machine can quickly and effectively remove impurities such as sediment, stone and iron articles. Rotary washing machine will reduce the height of manual feeding, and make feeding easier and easier.

potato crushing machine

Potato rasping machine

Potato rasping machine is the most important section which decided the potato starch yield and raw material using rate, better crushing effect, higher starch extraction rate. Doing Company new designed potato rasping machine can make the starch extraction rate reach to 95%. This machine plays a decisive role in how do you get the starch out of potatoes.

The sand in the starch can lead to poor taste and greatly influence the quality of starch. The sand removal of the plant can be used to remove the sediment in starch at a time, so that the quality of the product is high. The de-sander is a very important section of how do you get the starch out of potatoes.

Separation of slurry and protein is an important link in the processing of how do you get the starch out of potatoes. The breaking process determine the yield of potato starch, therefore, centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve and Hydrocyclone unit. Centrifugal sieve is used to separate the slurry from the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation. Low speed horizontal fine fiber sieve further separated fine slag by warp weft net.

starch hydrocyclone


The function of Hydrocyclone unit is to separate the protein from the starch pulp. If you want to produce a higher grade of starch, it is necessary to have a series of purification equipment.

The vacuum dehydrator is suitable for drying all kinds of potato starch. It is suitable for drying corn starch and wheat starch. It can also be used for drying other heat sensitive flour or flaky materials which require fast drying and dry dehumidification of materials in chemical, food, building materials and plastics industries. Continuous filtration and drying machinery under vacuum. It also has the characteristics of automatic control of liquid level, automatic adjustment of filter cloth and so on. The machine is the key point of how do you get the starch out of potatoes.

starch drying machine

Flash dryer used for starch drying

The flash dryer adopts the principle of instant drying, using the fast movement of the heat carrying air to drive wet materials and make wet materials suspended in the hot air, which strengthens the whole drying process and improves the rate of heat and mass transfer, and the non combined moisture can be almost completely removed.

Using our Doing company's new automatic potato starch processing line, it takes only 30 minutes to pack from agricultural potato to starch product, the whole plant of potato starch extraction is high quality and efficiency. To sum up, this is our answer for how do you get the starch out of potatoes.

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