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What is the starch processing machine hydro cyclone working principle ?

Date:Jun 24, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

starch processing machine hydro cyclone

Starch processing machine hydro cyclone


At the modern time , the starch processing machine hydro cyclone  is widely use in the  industrial  starch production for refining starch milk and concentration to get pure starch milk before dewatering.

But do you konw how the hydro cyclone works ? What is the starch processing machine hydro cyclone working principle ? 

Starchprocessing machine hydro cyclone is producing rotational motion using fluid pressure. When the starch milk at a constant speed into the cyclone encountered cyclone wall forced rotary movement. Depending suffered centrifugal force, the starch slurry suffered centrifugal force, able to overcome the hydraulic resistance to movement of the wall and under the action of its own gravity, downward spiral motion along the wall, thin and small fibers, protein, and other impurities suffered due to the small centrifugal force and less close to the wall that is to do with the slurry rotary motion. In the subsequent feeding, driven by continued downward slurry and rotary motion, so the starch concentration of large particles continue to the surrounding, and the small particles of fiber, protein, impurities are staying in the downtown area, particle size from the center to the wall growing, forming a layered arrangement.
As the slurry flows from the cylindrical portion of the hydro cyclone cone section, getting smaller and smaller flow cross-section, the outer layer of the slurry under contraction of oppression, light weight fiber, protein and impurities have to change the direction of the table, turned on movement, formed in the swirl from the overflow discharge port, while the larger particles continue to spiral downward movement starch along the wall, forming the outer starch processing machine hydro  cyclone is finally discharged from the bottom orifice, become starch.
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