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What is the use of cassava starch?

Date:Mar 28, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

If you want to start a cassava starch production plant, firstly, of course you want to know what is the use of cassava starch. Generally speaking, cassava starch is widely used in food and non-food industry. Following is the detail introduction of cassava starch uses:

1. Used in food processing: Cassava starch is a important part to make food formula, used as thickener, binder, expanding agent, stabilizer, and as a carrier of sweetener and condiment, also can processed to replace fat. Cassava starch no peculiar smell, many kinds of delicate food processing requests cassava starch.

what is the use of cassava starch

The use of cassava starch

2. Used in beverage industry: Under beverage processing, cassava starch sweetness is better than sugar, during the beverage processing, cassava starch enhanced the beverage features, combined cassava starch with other sweetener, better suit for people's taste. Cassava starch processed to syrup also a ideal material used to process bear which is easy to fermentation.

3. Used for candy production: Cassava starch have many functions used in candy production like gelatinize, thickening, enhance foam, control crystallization, enhance the candy gloss. Low viscosity cassava starch is a good material for gelatinized candy like jelly and chewing gum. Dry cassava starch used for making release agent in candy production.

what is the use of cassava starch

Cassava starch production machinery

4. Paper industry: Cassava modified starch can used to improve paper quality, improve production rate and pulp utilization, cassava modified starch as a binding ggent to make smooth and white high-grade paper. Cassava starch also can be sizing agent to risen paper strength.

5. Used in textile industry: Cassava starch as sizing agent used to harden and protect yarn, improve the production speed. As finishing agent to produce smooth cloth, as color enhancer to produce clear and wear-resistant printed fabric.

what is the use of cassava starch

Cassava starch production line and technology

6. Applied in biodegradable materials production: Cassava starch can be mixed with other materials to improve product biodegradability, decrease the costs of environmental protection.

Above all, its the use of cassava starch in kinds of industry, but its not completely. Cassava starch production plant is a good project with prospect market.


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