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By product from the corn starch processing :corn germ oil

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Corn germ oil

Corn germ oil


Corn germ oil production simple introduction
           Conr germ is the by product during making corn starch from corn . In some corn flour or corn gifts proudction factory , the corn germ is also the by product. 
           Mechanical presses and/or  solvent extraction are used to extract the crude oil from the corn germ. The crude corn germ oil is refined and filtered. A typical yield per ton corn is 27 kg corn oil. During refining free fatty acids and phospholipids are removed. The finished corn oil finds uses as food and cooking oil or as raw material for margarine. Refined corn oil has a pleasant taste and does not develop off-flavours in cooking and frying. The high content of polyunsaturated fats is a nutritional advantage. The residual extracted corn germ meal is used in animal feeds. 

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