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Financial analysis of cassava flour production in Cameroon

Date:Mar 09, 2022/ Industry news/ Chat online

In recent years, especially after outbreak of covid, the demand for food has been increased a lot around the world. In Africa, cassava is one of main crops, and more and more people start to get involved into setting up cassava processing factory, including production of garri, cassava flour, cassava fufu flour, cassava starch, etc. Among which, cassava flour production is very promising business.

cassava flour productionCassava flour production

In traditional way, the main ingredient for making bread is wheat flour. But recently, people start to mix cassava flour and wheat flour to do bread, which save cost and increase favor. Besides, cassava flour can also be used in biscuit, ethanol, and other food production. Therefore, cassava flour has large sales market.

When it comes to financial analysis of cassava flour production, there are several factors we need to consider: raw cassava cost, running cost and price of final flour, based on which we can calculate what profit we can get from cassava flour production.

According to the information we get from Henan Jinrui company’s client in Cameroon, one ton flour price is around 500-600usd, and one tone cassava tubers price is around 70-80usd. Normally 3-4 tons cassava tubers can produce 1 ton flour. That means the gross profit for one ton cassava flour production is about 300usd. After we minus the running cost, we can conclude net profit. The running cost include water consumption, electricity consumption and labor cost. If you can let us know the water and electricity price and labor salary in your area, Henan Jinrui company can help you do the profit analysis.

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To sum up, it is very profitable to do cassava flour production. What’s more, there is great support from government on agricultural products in Cameroon. If you have stable raw cassava supply or have big farming land, land and finance is available, why not invest in cassava flour production? The earlier you start it, the earlier you can occupy the market and make profit. Further more details about cassava flour production, feel free to contact us any time! 


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