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How is tapioca flour produced?

Date:2023-03-15/ Industry news/ Chat online

In order to increase the added value of cassava, processing cassava into tapioca flour has become the choice of more and more cassava growers. So how is tapioca flour produced?

There are two common processing methods of tapioca flour on the market. The first is dry processing. The steps of producing tapioca flour are: cleaning cassava, peeling cassava, slicing cassava, drying and grinding, and sieving. This processing method is low in cost and easy to operate, and is very popular in households and small factories. However, tapioca flour made from dried cassava chips is not of high quality. Usually such tapioca flour looks yellowish, and it is easy to mix fine impurities in the process of processing. The second is wet processing. The production steps are: cleaning cassava, peeling cassava, cutting and crushing cassava, dehydrating cassava pulp, secondary crushing, air-drying tapioca flour, screening and packaging. This maximizes the extraction of tapioca flour, improving production efficiency and quality of tapioca flour. 【Recommended reading: Why do large cassava flour processing plants first choose automated processing equipment?

tapioca flour processingTapioca flour processing steps and what machines are required

Different tapioca flour processing methods require different machines:

1. Dry processing of tapioca flour

This processing method can be briefly summarized as cleaning, slicing, and grinding. The required machines are: dry sieve, paddle washing machine, peeling machine, slicer, hammer crusher. Henan Jinrui will recommend tapioca flour processing machines of different specifications for you according to your needs.

2. Wet processing of tapioca flour

Wet processing is currently the most efficient method of tapioca flour production on the market. First, clean and wash cassava by dry sieve and paddle washer, then peel cassava by peeling machine, cut and grind cassava by cutter and rasper machine, dewater cassava pulp by plate-frame filter machine, mill cassava cake by hammer crusher, finally dry and sieve tapioca flour by flash dryer and sifter sieve. In the operation of these tapioca flour processing machines, the time from the input of fresh cassava raw material to the output of final tapioca flour is very short, which can ensure that the final flour is not affected by any impurities. Thus you can get high quality tapioca flour.

Watch the following tapioca flour processing video, know about our tapioca flour processing technology and machine:

Seeing all, you'll have a general understanding of tapioca flour processing. No matter which processing method you choose, Henan Jinrui can design and manufacture tapioca flour processing machines that meets your needs. If you want to start your tapioca flour processing business, please feel free to contact us. Our project manager will contact you in time according to your specific requirements.


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