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Cassava flour processing machine

  • Introduction

Cassava flour also is powder-like form white product, but it is different with cassava starch. The cassava flour is made from all the cassava root and retain the nutrients of cassava by cassava flour processing machine. Compare with cassava starch, cassava flour has more comprehensive nutrition.

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The brief introduction of cassava flour processing machine for cassava flour production:

Cassava flour production process can be divided into several section: washing, grinding, desanding, dehydration, drying, packaging. Each section of the cassava flour processing machine is connect to each other,  the cassava flour processing line can finished the entire production process automatically.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing machine

The detailed description and function of cassava flour processing machine:

1. Cassava washing and peeling machine

Cassava flour are processed  through a series of steps. Because the high impurity content will affect the quality of cassava flour, we need to use the cassava flour processing machine for peeling and washing to remove the cassava surface soil and skin. Generally, the cassava washing machine and cassava peeling machine should be work together for getting high quality cassava flour in cassava flour processing plant.

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cassava washing and peeling machineCassava peeling machine process

2.Cassava grinding machine

The cassava flour grinding process of cassava flour processing machine is not same as cassava starch grinding process. Adding as little water as possible during the cassava grinding process. The crushed material is generally not filtered, to prevent loss of nutrients.

3. Cassava flour dehydration:

To getting dry cassava flour, crushed cassava slurry need dewatering first.The cassava flour processing machine for dewatering has centrifugal dewater machine ( small-scale cassava flour processing machine) and scraper centrifuge( medium or large capacity cassava flour processing machine).The dewatering machine is used to reduce the water content of material  and improve the drying efficiency and quality.

4.Cassava flour drying and packing:

After the previous step, we get the wet cassava flour, it need to be dried by the cassava flour drying machine. Cassava flour drying process is similar to cassava starch drying, it need flash dryer. The hot air contact with wet cassava flour and take away the water inside of wet cassava flour quickly, After drying by cassava flour processing machine, the dry cassava flour will go through screening, the required fineness cassava flour can be directly packaged, the cassava flour below standard will be crushed again.

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour drying machine flash dryer

Cassava flour processing machine operation chart flow:

cassava flour production line

Above all is the description of cassava flour processing machine. As regard to the cassava flour processing technology, welcome to inquire our engineer.


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