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Rice Starch Nutrition and Usage

Date:Dec 07, 2015/ Industry news/ Chat online

Rice Starch Nutrition and Usage

Rice Starch Nutrition and Usage


      Rice starch also called rice flour in some cases, or Komedenpun in Japanese is often confused with Japanese Komeko. It wouldn't be right to say Komedenpun = Kemoko. On the other hand, most people would agree that the converse, Kemoko = Komedenpun, is close enough. 

      The calories in Rice Starch per 110g  is 403 calories. Rice Starch is calculated to be 366Cal per 100 grams making 80Cal equivalent to 21.86g with 98.23g of mostly carbohydrates、0.77g of fat、0.22g of protein in 110g while being rich in vitamins and minerals such as Iron and Copper.

       Native rice starch is non-allergenic, gluten free and easy to digest, displaying the typical properties of rice starch. The small particles produce a smooth texture (Granular size 2-8 μm). The gel is creamy and spreadable with a clean flavor. Rice starches have excellent natural heat and freeze thaw stability.

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