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What are basis for cassava flour processing equipment selection ?

Date:Mar 29, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

Cassava flour processing equipment selection must first be considered in terms of reasonable economic indicators, and must meet the requirements of production, process and food hygiene (ie technical indicators). This requires equipment selection staff to be familiar with the specific requirements of cassava flour processing technology, as well as the cutting-edge technology and product information of cassava flour processing equipment, and collect as much information as possible, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise for comprehensive comparison.

cassava flourCassava & cassava flour

From the perspective of operational stability, reasonable cassava flour processing equipment selection should ensure easy production, easy cleaning and maintenance, reliable operation, and fewer failures. And it is necessary to consider good matching and continuous production of equipment. In addition, select necessary spare equipment to ensure normal production can also be carried out during overhaul of important equipment.

Cassava flour processing equipment selection mainly considers the following four specific principles:

1. The principle of matching production capacity

2. The advanced nature of equipment, economic principles

3. Equipment work reliability principle

4. The principle of using equipment modification and expanding production scale

cassava flour processing equipmentCassava flour processing equipment

Cassava flour processing equipment selection requirements

(1) Meet the process requirements and ensure the quality and output of the products;

(2) Generally, large-scale factories should use more advanced and mechanized cassava flour processing equipment. Medium-sized plants should select equipment based on specific conditions. Some major products can be equipped with mechanized and continuous equipment, while small factories use simpler equipment.

(3) The selected equipment can make full use of raw materials, consume less energy, have high efficiency, small volume, convenient maintenance and low labor intensity;

(4) The cassava flour processing equipment selection should meet the requirements of food hygiene, easy to clean and disassemble, and the materials in contact with products should not be easily corroded and will not cause pollution to products;

cassava flour processing equipmentCassava flour processing plant

(5) The cassava flour processing equipment structure is reasonable, and the material properties can be adapted to various working conditions (such as temperature, humidity, pressure, pH, etc.)

(6) There are reasonable control systems in terms of temperature, pressure, concentration, time, speed, liquid level, counting and procedures, and better to adopt automatic control mode.

Note: Important cassava flour processing equipment or high-voltage equipment must be managed, operators must be professionally trained. Production equipment shpould be regularly inspected and maintained.

The following are the tips on cassava flour processing equipment selection. Expect the above points, manufacturer qualification and service are important pionts need to consider. Doing Company can not only provide high-quality cassava flour processing equipment according to the specific needs of each customer, but also has a professional team of engineers, who can provide you with after-sales service from equipment installation and commissioning to operator training and equipment maintenance. Besides, our cassava flour processing equipment uses advanced automation control system and central computer control system to achieve automatic, smooth operation of the entire production line. your question about cassava flour processing equipment selection is welcomed by us.

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