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Glucose syrup applications

Date:Aug 06, 2016/ Industry news/ Chat online

glucose syrup application

Starch and glucose syrup


Glucose syrups (also known as corn syrups ) are derived from starch sources such as maize, cassava , wheat flour  and potatoes. Offering alternative functional properties to sugar as well as economic benefits . The glucose syrup enhances the flavor and volume of certain foods. It prevents sugar from crystallizing and is therefore mainly used in the candy and confectionery industries.

Glucose syrups are extremely versatile sweeteners . Glucose syrup is a highly processed product that improves the color, texture, flavor and stability of many foods. It is therefore glucose syurp has widely applications in food manufacturing and other industries, such as beverages or drinks (both alcoholic and otherwise),  confectionery , cake , baked food , canned food , jams , jellies and dairy products, as well as in pharmaceuticals and industrial fermentations.

Glucose syrup is used as a replacement for sugar or honey in many recipes that require a lesser degree of sweetness. It is also used in fruit and vegetable conserves and in the production of tomato sauce and ketchup. In the United States, glucose syrup has almost entirely replaced sugar in commercially produced lemonade and energy drinks.
Glucose is created by hydrolyzing the sugar molecules in starch. Corn is the most common source of this starch, and therefore, glucose syrup is also called corn syrup. Potatoes, rice, wheat and cassava can also provide starch for the production of glucose syrup.
Our company has the new technology , we can produce the glucose syrup from corn or rice directly , the starch not the only one material for making the glucose syrup .If you intereste in set up one  corn or rice glucose syrup plant , please contact us freely .

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