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How to maintain potato starch machine ?

Date:Feb 14, 2019/ Industry news/ Chat online

Potato starch made with professional potato starch machine has high precision, cleanliness and reliable quality, and is widely used as processing raw materials in various industries. Therefore, an increasing number of potato starch processing plants choose professional potato starch machine to produce potato starch. And for these producer who wants their equipment to present better performance and longer serve life, equipment maintenance work is required in daily use. So how do you maintain potato starch machine when you use it?

potato starch machinePotato starch machine

1. Always apply lubricant to the equipment

If the potato starch machine is not used for a long time, always apply oil to extend its service life. Because when the potato starch machine is idle for a long time, although the equipment can avoid the damage caused by friction during work, the moisture in the air will cause it to rust during storage. Especially for carbon steel equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance. Therefore, in order to prevent rusting of equipment, it is necessary to apply lubricating oil in time.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning of the equipment.

Cleaning work is a necessary part of the maintenance of potato starch machine. In the routine maintenance work of the potato starch processing equipment, the operator of the equipment should carefully clean the whole machine every time after it is used. In particular, the screen of the centrifugal sieve needs to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid congestion of the screen mesh, thereby reducing the screening efficiency and affecting the quality. Note: Do not use hard objects for cleaning to avoid scratching the machine. In addition, during the cleaning process, always pay attention to whether the machine has abnormal noise, and find the problem and respond in time.

potato starch machineCentrifugal sieve maintance

3. The precautions when using the device

In the potato starch production process, the operator should always pay attention to the operation of potato starch machine, and find problems in time for maintenance. For washing equipment, the ratio of clean water to potato should be controlled in an appropriate range. For it not only affect the quality of starch, but also the use and performance of equipment. It is recommended that the weight ratio of potato to clear water should be about 1:3. Before using the equipment, the washing machine should be filled with water,and pay attention to the water in the water tank of the washing machine for replacement.

In addition, the staff should also observe the motor temperature and machine sound when operating potato starch machine. If the sound of the grinding machine suddenly becomes smaller, it means that there is too much material in the rasper, and the amount of feed should be reduced at this time. In addition, it is necessary to master the tightness of the V-belt. For if the belt is too tight, the motor load will be increased and and the motor shaft will be damaged. Therefore, the operator should concentrate on the work, not leave the post, and strictly operate the rules.

potato starch machinePotato grinding machine

For the potato starch factory, it is important to choose high-quality potato starch machine, but the more important thing is the daily maintenance and cleaning work of the equipment. Only in this way can the equipment play its true role and effect, so that the production efficiency of the equipment can be maximized, the equipment can be used for a longer period of time, and the enterprise can obtain more economic income.

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