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Manual yam peeling method vs mechanized yam peeling method

Date:Nov 18, 2021/ Industry news/ Chat online

There are two common methods for yam peeling, one is manual yam peeling method, which requires manual peeling of yam, and the other is mechanized yam peeling method, which uses yam peeling machine to peel yam. These two kinds of yam peeling methods have their own features and application scopes.

manual yam peeling method vs mechanized yam peeling methodManual yam peeling method vs mechanized yam peeling method

Here Henan Jinrui company made a detailed comparison of these two kinds of yam peeling method from four aspects to help customers clearly learn their differences.

yam peeling methods manual mechanized
Processing capacity Theprocessing capacityof one person is about 80kg/hour, but the output is only about 25kg/hour Support customized service, which can reach to 6tons/hour
Investment cost Relatively low One-time investmentcost,relatively high but has fast payback cycle
Features Low peeling efficiency; high labor cost; high yam lost; Have certain working time. High peeling efficiency; low labor cost; low yam lost; Can work continuously.
Applications Suitable for personal cooking and home-style yam processing Suitable for modern yam processing plants, such as yam flour and garri processing line

In comparison, you may see that mechanized yam peeling method has higher peeling efficiency, big processing capacity, energy and labor saving features, which is more suitable for modern yam flour processing plants and garri processing plants. Among the various peeling machines on the market, Henan Jinrui's yam peeling machine is popular sale and is well received in more than 20 countries and regions with its stable performance, high peeling rate and long service life advantages.

cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

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