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Tapioca starch processing line makes the starch more valuable

Date:Nov 19, 2015/ Industry news/ Chat online

Topioca starch processing line

Wet topioca starch is produced by traditional tapioca starch processing line either as a direct product or as a by-product resulting from topiaca  processing into other products. Post-harvest loss is high for cassava roots due to the inadequacy of the traditional processing method and inability to convert cassava into less perishable products.

Having our tapioca starch processing line can abtain more starch . Starch is one of the most abundant substances in nature, a renewable and almost unlimited resource. Starch is produced from grain or root crops. It is mainly used as food, but is also readily converted chemically, physically, and biologically into many useful products to date.Tapioca starch processing line's value is far from above this.

To reverse this trend, there is a need to mechanize cassava processing. The Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO) has developed and perfected the process technology for production of cassava starch useful for various applications in the user industries. In Nigeria, mechanized tapioca starch processing line is still on the developmental stage and the potential is very high.

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