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Why is the tapioca starch processing line so popular?

Date:Aug 20, 2021/ Industry news/ Chat online

Now more and more people choose to invest in tapioca starch processing line. Why is tapioca starch processing so popular? There are mainly three reasons: sufficient cheap tapioca raw material supply, great tapioca starch demand and national policy support.

tapioca starch process flowTapioca starch processing process

①Sufficient cheap tapioca raw material supply

Tapioca, is the king of starch and is vert suitable for tapioca starch processing. As the raw material for tapioca starch processing line, tapioca has abundant yield and low price. Besides that, tapioca has a short storage time and is prone to decay, tapioca starch is more suitable for long-term storage. Apparently, tapioca starch processing line is one of strategic value addition activities.

raw material of tapioca starchRaw material of tapioca starch processing line

②Great tapioca starch market demand

Tapioca starch is extremely important in both food and non-food industries. The demand for tapioca starch has increased due to extensive usage across industries such as food, beverages, medicine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more. Therefore, the market demand for tapioca starch is great, which promotes the popularity of tapioca starch processing line.

③National policy support

Now more and more countries or organizations, like Nigeria, Cambodia, IFAD, FAO, have realized the key linkage between tapioca starch processing business development and economic strength improvement. So they has imposed supporting measures integrating market demands, global value chains, and tapioca starch processing line system into policies and action plans. With the policy support, the tapioca starch processing line is so popular that more and more people invest it to make money.


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