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Wheat starch Modern Uses

Date:Dec 18, 2015/ Industry news/ Chat online

wheat starch Use

wheat starch 



      In more modern times, wheat starch is still primarily used for baking and in cooking. Pasta is also made from hard wheat starch. In recipes for sauces and soups, starch and gravies, starch is used to thicken the recipe and to improve the overall taste and quality of food.
      In personal skin care, wheat starch is often included as facial mask ingredient. Its property to absorb excess oil and impurities makes it a perfect ingredient in most facial and skin care products. Most home made facial mask recipes call for wheat starch as an ingredient.
      Another use for wheat starch is in the adhesive industry. It is the main ingredient in the glue which is used for binding books and other periodicals. Glue for school use is often made nontoxic even if swallowed or ingested by a child.
      Wheat starch is also a natural treatment for skin itching and inflammation. It is perfect for reducing severe itching for viral skin conditions such as chicken pox and measles. However, if itching or inflammation persists, consult your doctor for a better alternative.

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