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Cassava hammer crusher

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Our Doing company is specilized in manfacturing the cassava process machine, so our cassava hammer crusher is widely used for the cassava flour and gari productions.

cassava hammer crusher

Cassava hammer crusher usage

Here are two kinds of crusher to broken cells of cassava and release starch as much as possible. The left is knife-type crusher mainly used to piece cassava into small particles, and the right machine is hammer miller mainly used to make small particles finer.

cassava hammer crusher

Cassava hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is made up of machine cover, box, engine base, principal axis, hammer and mesh pieces. The hammer crusher mainly used for crushing of potato, sweet potato, cassava, etc. There are different models for choosing.

Hammer crusher have this features:

Low energy consumption; high capacity; strong broken; easy installation; friendly maintenance.

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DOING company offers cassava processing machine from single machine to the complete production line. If you want to get more details about Cassava hammer crusher, please contact us:






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