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Tapioca starch manufacturing process solution

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Tapioca starch manufacturing process adopt wet method, include rotary drum cleaning, second time crushing, starch slurry sieving, desanding, protein seperating, starch purification, vacuum dewatering, airflow drying. Follow is the detailed tapioca starch manufacturing process solutions description:

1. Raw material preparation and checking:

Tapioca quality strightly influenced the tapioca starch quality, the raw material to manufacturer tapioca starch usually is fresh tapioca and dry tapioca chips. Fresh tapioca after harvesting, remove the dirt, roots and wood parts for the first time, plant on cleaning area, requests harvest and processing on one day, to keep the  tapioca fresh, because the fresh tapioca starch content is highest, to remove the capacity of tapioca starch. For the tapioca chips, it requests dry enough, no mould, no spoil, no moth, to  guarantee final starch quality.

tapioca starch manufacturing process

Doing Company tapioca starch manufacturing process machinery

2. Tapioca conveying:

Uas tapioca collection machine and conveyor, delivery the tapioca to cleaning machine. During the conveying process, keep impurities away.

3. Tapioca cleaning section:

This cleaning section usually use two equipments to remove the dirt, sand and other impurities completely. And you can choose whether or not use the tapioca peeling machine.

tapioca starch manufacturing process

Tapioca cleaning machines

4. Tapioca grating of tapioca starch manufacturing process:

Tapioca grating section function is destroy the fibre structure, free starch from tapioca. Doing Company new type rasper fully destroy, free the starch completely from tapioca, high using rate.

5. Starch slurry screening process in tapioca starch manufacturing:

After grating get starch slurry, screening the starch slurry to seperate the fibre, at same time, fibre under washing to collect starch. Separating and purifying starch by screening.

tapioca starch manufacturing process

Tapioca grating machines

6. Starch slurry desanding:

According to the difference of gravity principle, achieve the purpose of sand remove, after desanding, not remove fine sand, but protect the disc seperator.

7. Tapioca starch manufacturing seperate process:

The function of seperate is filter and remove the protein or other impurities, for starch slurry washing, refining and concentration. Now usually suggest disc seperator combined with hydrocyclone for the process section.

tapioca starch manufacturing process

Starch slurry seperate and clean machines

8. Dewatering process:

After seperator and concentration, still large water content in starch slurry, must dewatering to make starch water content less than 38%, usually adopt Doing Company vacuum filter, better for next starch drying.

9. Starch drying:

Adopt airflow dryer, final starch water content about 13%, get first class tapioca starch.

tapioca starch manufacturing process

Tapioca starch dewatering and drying

In short, this is the Doing Company tapioca starch manufacturing process. Tapioca starch widely used in food industry and non-food industry like paper making, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industry production.


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