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Commercial industrial cassava peeling machine

  • Introduction

Introduction of commercial industrial cassava peeling machine

The commercial industrial cassava peeling machine is mainly composed of a motor, a transmission, and 6-10 brush rollers. DOING  cassava peeler machine is designed and manufactured on the basis of absorbing the characteristics of the root cassava processing machinery at home and abroad. It adopts the brush principle and is suitable for the washing and peeling of cassava. The commercial industrial cassava peeling machine can be wash raw material separately, and can also achieve wash and peel function at the same time. The utility model commercial electric cassava peeler machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient operation, large washing and peeling capacity, small energy consumption and continuous work. The brush roller material is treated by special process which is sturdy and durable. The equipment is made of high quality stainless steel.

commercial industrial cassava peeling machineCommercial industrial cassava peeling machine

Scope of application: This commercial industrial cassava peeling machine is widely used for washing and peeling of cassava, cassavaes and sweet cassavaes.

Working process:

The raw material enters the commercial industrial cassava peeling machine, contacts with the stainless steel brush, and continuously rolls up and down, and then the cassava skin is separated. And under the rotation of the center large spiral, potaot is continuously pushed forward and rolled, with the upper spray pipe spraying downward, peels are taken away and the peeled material is collected from the discharge port.

commercial industrial cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine

Feaatures of commercial industrial cassava peeling machine:

★ This machine is made of high quality steel and meets the standards of food industry.

★ Use brush brushing and spray technology to wash and peel raw materials.

★ Each commercial industrial cassava peeling machine can be customized according to the different processing characteristics of the user to meet the process requirements.

★ The commercial industrial cassava peeling machine is compact in structure and high in automation, and is suitable for enterprises of various processing scales.

★ Easy operation and maintenance, high work efficiency, ideal for cassava washing and peeling equipment.

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