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What are the advantages of automatic sweet potato starch processing machines?

Date:Jan 09, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

As the market's requirements for the quality of sweet potato starch increase, sweet potato starch producers no longer only pursue the output of sweet potato starch. They hope that their sweet potato starch processing machine not only have a large output but also produce high-quality sweet potato starch. In order to meet the needs of users, Henan Jinrui made innovations on the basis of drawing lessons from European advanced mechanical technology, and then designed and produced a set of automatic sweet potato starch processing machines. Next, let me introduce to you the advantages of each automatic sweet potato starch processing machines of Henan Jinrui.

Automated sweet potato starch processing machines including feeding machine, conveying machine, cleaning and washing machine, grinding machine, fiber and starch separating machine, concentrating and purifing machine, dewater machine and drying machine.

sweet potato starch processing machineThe main sweet potato starch processing machines in sweet potato starch production

Vibrating feeding machine

Taking into account the irregularity of sweet potato tubers, the vibrating feeding machine adopts a special design in the feeder and silo, so it can avoid the sweet potato raw materials sticking to the belt conveyor.

Belt conveying machine

The belt conveying machine uses a V-shaped design to prevent tubers from falling off.

Washing and cleaning machine

In order to clean the sweet potato raw materials to the greatest extent, dry sieve was used for the first time to remove large impurities such as sand, mud, branches and leaves on the surface of the sweet potato, and then paddle washing machine was used to wash the sweet potato with water. This will ensure high cleanliness of sweet potatoes.

Grinding machine

Sweet potato grinding machine includes cutting machine and rasper machine. The cutting machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the blade material is made of high hardness 4Cr13 and food grade stainless steel, so it has a longer service life and more durable. The rasper machine can fully crush the sweet potato, so it can release the free starch and the bound starch in the sweet potato to improve the starch yield.

sweet potato starch processing machineThe grinding machine of Henan Jinrui

Fiber and starch separating machine

Centrifuge sieve is used to separate fiber and starch slurry. Centrifuge sieve adopts countercurrent washing, feeds from the first stage, and feeds water from the fourth stage. This design can improve the starch yield. On the back of the centrifuge sieve is equipped with a recoil system to clean the screen, prevent the screen from clogging during operation, and ensure the stable and continuous operation of the machine.

Concentrating and purifing machine

The main functions of the hydrocyclone include recovery, purification and concentration of sweet potato starch. The hydrocyclone includes a perfect 15-stage design, with 1-3 stages for recovery, 4-5 for concentration, 6-7 for further concentration, and 8-15 for concentration and purification. The recovery and  concentration stages is to improve the extraction rate of starch. Purification stages is to improve starch quality, After purifing by hydricyclone, the Be of sweet potato starch is almost 22-23 Be.

sweet potato starch processing machineWorking details of single-stage hydrocyclone

Dewating machine and drying machine

To process pure sweet potato starch slurry into sweet potato starch requires two sweet potato starch processing machines, vacuum filter and flash dryer. The vacuum filter first separates most of the water in the sweet potato starch slurry, and after processing by the vacuum filter, wet starch with a moisture content of 40% can be obtained. In order to make the moisture content of the sweet potato starch meet the market standard, flash dryer is used to further dry the wet sweet potato starch and to precisely control the moisture content of the sweet potato starch.

The above sweet potato starch processing machines cooperate with each other to form a complete sweet potato starch production line. This production line can improve your sweet potato starch extraction rate, sweet potato starch processing efficiency and sweet potato starch quality. If you are looking for such an excellent sweet potato starch processing machine, please leave your contact information to us. Our professional project manager will contact you soon and match you with sweet potato starch processing machines suitable for you.


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