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How is cassava flour processed?

Date:Jan 25, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava flour is processed by a complete cassava flour production technology and cassava flour processing machines. The complete cassava flour production technology is washing cassava raw material, breaking cleaned cassava, dewatering cassava slurry, milling cassava flour cake and drying cassava flour. There are seven cassava flour processing machines needed in cassava flour production technology:

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing machines in cassava flour production technology

When you washing cassava raw material, the dry sieve and paddle washing machine are needed.

Dry sieve and paddle washing machine are specially designed by Henan Jinrui according to the characteristics of cassava raw materials. The dry sieve first removes large impurities such as silt on the surface of the cassava, and the paddle washing machine removes the stubborn fine impurities attached to the surface of the cassava.

In cassava breaking process, you'd better use cassava cutting and rasper machine.

The purpose of cassava cutting machine and rasper machine to break cassava is to fully destroy the cells of cassava, increase the yield of cassava flour and accelerate the speed of cassava breaking.

cassava rasper machinecassava grinding machine rasper machine of Henan Jinrui

If you are producing cassava flour on a large scale, Henan Jinrui recommends that you use plate and frame filter press for dewatering; if you are producing cassava flour on a small scale, hydraulic press is more appropriate.

Both the plate and frame filter press and the hydraulic press are used to dehydrate the cassava flour, and they can dehydrate the cassava flour efficiently. The difference between them is that the processing capacity of the plate and frame filter press is larger than that of the hydraulic press.

You can used hammer mill and flash dryer to millg cassava flour cake and dry cassava flour.

After the cassava slurry is dehydrated, due to pressure, the cassava flour sticks together and becomes cassava flour cakes. You need to use hammer mill to grind the cassava flour cakesr into cassava flour, then the flash dryer can quickly dry the cassava flour to the market moisture content standard.

cassava flour drying machineCassava flour drying machine flash dryer

The above is the complete cassava flour production process and cassava flour processing machines needed in the process. Henan Jinrui not only can answer how is cassava flour processed for you, but also can provide you with high-quality cassava flour processing machines. You are welcome to consult!


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