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How to process cassava into cassava flour?

Date:Oct 17, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava flour is an important cassava deep processing products.  For the process of how to process cassava into cassava flour, an important point is that the cassava should be harvested and processed in the same day for the short shelf time of cassava.

Step 1: Transportation: Harvest matured cassava from the farm and transport them to the processing shed as soon as possible for how to process cassava into cassava flour. If harvested cassava can not be carried in the same day for logistic reasons, do not detach the cassava from the stem and leaf until the vehicle to carry it is ready. That is to say deterioration will not occur if the cassava is still attached to the leaf and stem even if it has been uprooted. However, care must be taken not to bruise the cassava when uprooting it.


Step 2: Cleaning and washing: When fresh cassava is delivered to plant for processing. The first thing need to do for how to process cassava into cassava flour is to clean the cassava. Dry sieve is used for cleaning sand, weeds and other foreign matters attached on cassava. Then fed it into washing machine to further wash away mud, sand, dirt and so on with water.

Step 3: Peeling: Peel the outer peels and subcutaneous cuticle of cassava for how to process cassava into cassava flour. Doing Company cassava peeling machine peeling rate is more than 95%.

cassava flour processing machineCassava peeling machine

Step 4:  Grinding: Then it comes to the most important process for how to process cassava into cassava flour. Grinding mainly serves to grind cassava to release tiny granules inside cassava cells.

Step 5:  Dewatering: Press the grinded cassava with plate frame filter press. For how to process cassava into cassava flour, the step is very technical and very important. The moisture level of the cassava flour should be reduced to below 20%. The process from harvesting to dewatering must be completed within 24 hours. If not, the quality of cassava flour can not be ensured. The next stage after dewatering is drying.

cassava flour making machineCassava flour dewatering machine

Step 6: Drying: Drying is used for further decrease moisture level of cassava flour lower than 14% for how to process cassava into cassava flour. The drier the product, the longer the storage life or the shelf life. The moisture level is the most important quality which will be examined at the point of sales. If properly processed as narrated above the color of the product is snow white.

For small scale cassava flour processing plant, drying could be by sun if the quantity requirements are not high or if the period is dry season when there is no possibility of sudden rainfall. The ideal method of drying for how to process cassava into cassava flour is the industrial flash dryer. Doing Company flash dryer is capable of handling cassava flour up to 10 tons per day or more which can be customized according to requirements. If the processing is during rainy season the best alternative is the flash dryer.

Step 7: Sieving and packing: For the process of how to process cassava into cassava flour, sieving is an necessary step to ensure the fineness of cassava flour. Vibration sieve is used for screen away large size cassava flour to guarantee the cassava flour meet commercial standards. Then pack the finished cassava flour into bags or sacks of 50kg and send them to the point of sales.

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