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Glucose syrup production process

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Equipment used in glucose syrup production process has various specifications, such as: 3-5 tons, 10-20 tons, 30-50 tons, 50-100 tons.

glucose syrup production machineGlucose syrup production machine

The following are the introduction of glucose syrup production process:

1. Mixing: Successively add appropriate water, starch and a certain amount of enzyme preparation into the mixing tank, keep a certain temperature to wait for the physical reaction of material in glucose syrup production process. Here the use of enzymes is specific, and saccharification enzymes and fungal enzymes are separately used to produce glucose and maltose.

glucose syrup production machineMixing tank

2. Spray liquefaction: After a specific reaction time in glucose syrup production process, the material is injected into the spray liquefaction tank. Under the action of the enzyme preparation, the starch is converted into the liquid dexttrin in the action of high temperature spraying.

glucose syrup production machineLiquefaction tank

3 Protein removal: Deproteinization in glucose syrup production process mainly serves to separate protein and other solid impurities from liquid dextrin by press filter. The collected protein can be used as feed which brings additional benefits for you.

glucose syrup production machineFilter press machine

4. Saccharification: The liquefied solution is then sprayed into a saccharification tank, add the specific saccharification enzyme, and the saccharification reaction is carried out at a specific temperature and time until the glucose reaches the desired DE value.

glucose syrup production processSaccharifying tank

5. Decolorization: Put activated carbon into the decolorization tank for decolorization reaction, it is required to maintain a specific temperature to faciliate reaction. In generally, glucose syrup production process requires two decolorization to make the glucose transparent.

6. Decarburization: The glucose solution mixed with activated carbon is extruded through a plate and frame filter press to obtain a colorless and transparent glucose syrup.

7. Ion exchange: Pure glucose enters the ion exchange column, where the resin is used to adsorb the ions and impurities contained in the syrup liquid to obtain edible glucose syrup in glucose syrup production process.

glucose syrup production machineIon exchange column

8. Evaporation: Then the glucose syrup enters the three-effect evaporator, where the excess water is instantaneously discharged and the concentration of syrup is increased. If a higher concentration syrup is required in glucose syrup production process, a single-effect evaporator is needed to control the concentration.

9. Finished product storage: Glucose syrup production process store the finished syrup in storage tank to maintain the concentration of syrup, which is convenient for production and transportation.

glucose syrup production machineStorage tank

Third, technical characteristics:

1. Adopt high temperature liquefaction enzyme, one-shot liquefaction process, precise temperature control, full liquefaction of starch without recovery.

2. Using high efficient heat exchange and steam recovery technology to save energy in glucose syrup production process.

3. Flowing activated carbon decolorization process, good decolorization effect, high degree of automation, guarantee the color of finished products.

4. Glucose syrup production process adopting optional ion exchange column liquid refining process, fully remove the ash in the syrup, and improve the temperature of the finished syrup.

5. Small wastewater discharge, low COD value, low pollution and low cost of environmental treatment.

Glucose syrup is widely used in foods and beverages, and sugar is also an indispensable source of energy for humans. The glutose syrup is rich in raw materials, its market prospect is promising, and DOING glucose syrup production process is mature. Doing Machinery can provide you with professional syrup processing plant turnkey project, and is responsible for the equipment design, installation, commissioning and technicians training.

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