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How is sweet potato starch made ?

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Sweet potato is distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of South America. And the process of how is sweet potato starch made in our company has the following procedure.

First, Cleaning and washing

(1) Dry sieve can effectively remove sediment and other impurities, and avoid sewage discharge. It is power saving. The peeling rate of fresh sweet potato was 50%, and the impurity clearance rate was 95%.

(2) The rotary washing machine has the advantages of long effective cleaning distance, good separation effect of impurities, low power configuration, small space occupied by equipment of equipment. This is the first step of how is sweet potato starch made

sweet potato washing machine

Sweet potato washing machine

Second, Cutting

(3) The structure of the cutting machine is simple. The maintenance is convenient and the working efficiency is high. The sweet potato will not produce the block phenomenon during the process, which can significantly reduce the labor intensity of the workers. Greatly improve the working efficiency of how is sweet potato starch made.

Third, Rasping

(4) Rasper is part of the special equipment for tuber starch processing industry. Compared with the same product, it is comprised of several hundred saw blades. It has the characteristics of high speed, fine material file, uniform particle, high starch free rate, high production capacity and the extraction rate of starch in the process of how is sweet potato starch made.

sweet potato crushing machine

Rasping machine for sweet potato crushing

Fourth, De-sanding and de-watering

(5) starch slurry de-sanding   

Sweet potato starch slurry is pumped into the cyclone de-sanding machine. The impurities such as sand and metal will be separated and collected into a container discharging in time.

(6) starch slurry de-watering   

Sweet potato slurry after de-sanding is pumped into de-watering machine to remove excess water to get the wet mash. After pressing, wet mash with moisture around 38%. Surely the main processing machine of how is sweet potato starch made.

sweet potato starch making machine

DOING hydrocyclone

Fifth, Purification and concentration

(7) Hydrocyclone unit can reach the effect of gas-gas separation, liquid-liquid separation and liquid-solid separation depending on density. The inside Hydrocyclone pipe is made of strengthened nylon with great separation effect and long service life. The internal pipeline structure is optimized by computer. Attractive appearance and reasonable, design of the machine, easy and reliable operation in the process of how is sweet potato starch made, with the unique design of cavity sealing structure is simple and efficient.

(8) Vacuum Dehydrator is able to dewater the starch milk. When the drum is rotating, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the drum is formed due to the effect of vacuum, which causes the sludge to adsorb on the filter cloth, and the liquid flows through the filter cloth to the gas water separation tank through the vacuum pipeline. Sludge adsorbed on the drum is dried, the filter cake is formed, the scraper is passed through it. After dehydration, the moisture content is usually 38%.

sweet potato starch processing plant

Sweet potato starch processing plant manufacturered by Doing Company

Sixth, Drying

(9) The flash dryer can effectively drying the semi-product, the working diagram of drying system is:

Air passes through the air filter - into the radiator - the heated air flow into the dry wind pipe - the dry wet material imported from the wet starch - through the feed winch - into the lift - the wet material is thrown into the dry wind pipe - the six cyclone separator with the air flow - the separated dry material finished by the dry material. Exit of the starch export - the finished product can be packed into the warehouse. How is sweet potato starch made with our machines? All the answers and procedures are on the above.

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