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How potato starch is made?

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Potato has the features of high starch content, high yield, low price, abundant resources, easy storage and processing, therefore it is the raw materials commonly used in the starch industry. But how potato starch is made? As a professional starch processing machine manufacturer, Doing Company can answer this question for you.

potato starch making process

Potato starch making process

The production process about how potato starch is made
1. Raw material transportation: This is the first step for how potato starch is made. The newly harvested potato is firstly transported into storage yard of potato starch processing plant.
2. Potato cleaning: The function of this step for how potato starch is made is to remove sand, soil, stone, weed and other impurities attached to the potato.
3. Potato washing: The rotary washing machine is used in this section for potato washing. By adopting backwashing method, the potato can be effectively washed.
4. Potato grating: As a the most important step for how potato starch is made, this section is mainly used for grating potato into slurry to release starch in the potato cell.
5. Starch slurry separating: For how potato starch is made, the purpose of this step is to separate fiber out of starch slurry. Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are separately used for removing fiber and fine fibers.
6. Starch desanding: This step is used for removing starch ash out of starch slurry to improve the starch quality.
7. Starch slurry concentration and refining: This is also an important step for how potato starch is made. It mainly removes protein, fiber, cell sap and other impurities.
8. Starch milk dewatering: To reduce the water content of starch milk so as to meet the standard of drying.
9. Starch drying and packing: This is the final step for potato starch processing. The starch is dried by flash dryer to meet the market standards. The dried starch is then be packed by semi-automatic machine for storage.

potato starch& potato

Potato& potato starch

The features of DOING potato starch making machine for how potato starch is made
1. The full mechanical method of raw material transportation and cleaning for how potato starch is made saves water and labor.
2. The rasper is a high efficient grating machine, and the starch granules are fully released and the breaking rate is more than 95%.
3. The centrifugal sieve is used to separate the fibers and starch slurry first, which lays a good foundation for the subsequent purification process of how potato starch is made.
4. The sand removal device is used to solve the sand in the liquid process, so that the sand removal effect reaches 99%.
6. The yellow pulp is automatically separated from the starch slurry by a hydrocyclone station.
7. It adopts vacuum dewatering machine which works smoothly and effectively for how potato starch is made. It saves 30 kilowatts of electricity compared to the peeler centrifuge and the dehydration effect is better.
8. Drying adopts the principle of instant drying for how potato starch is made. By using the rapid movement of hot air to drive the wet materials and suspend the wet materials in the hot air, this machine can strengthen the whole drying process and improve the rate of heat and mass transfer. The material that has been dried by the airflow, the non-bound water can be almost completely removed (for example, the moisture content of the material such as starch is ≤40%, the finished product discharge can be 13.5%). And there is no deterioration for the dried material, and users can achieve higher economic benefits in a short period of time for how potato starch is made.

potato starch making machine

Potato starch grating machine

Doing Company is an advanced and experienced starch processing machine manufacturer. The potato starch processing machine and processing technology for how potato starch is made we use are designed on the basis of the existing advanced equipment and processes at home and abroad. Welcome to contact us and visit our factory.

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