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Sweet potato production technology for starch

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The following is the introduction of sweet potato production technology

sweet potato starch processing machineSweet potato starch processing machine

1. Sweet potato choosing

Because of the variety of sweet potato, its quality and starch content are also different. sweet potato production technology require choosing good quality sweet potato for starch processing, the sweet potato with high starch content and no damage is suitable.

2. Cleaning and washing

This is the second section of sweet potato production technology. The main cleaning is conducted in dry sieve. Coarsely cleaning of potatoes takes place during the transport of potatoes to the rotary washing machine by conveyor. The remaining stones, sludge and light wastes are removed in sweet potato washing machine. Water used for washing is then purified and recycled back into the process.

sweet potato starch processing machineSweet potato washing machine

3. Sweet potato rasping

Most often the rasping of sweet potato is carried out with a rasper in sweet potato production technology. The purpose of this stage is disruption of cell walls, which therefore release the starch. In practice, sweet potato cells are not entirely destroyed and part of the starch remains in the mash. DOING rasper can achieve a breaking rate more than 94%.

4. Sweet potato starch slurry separation

This process allows the separation of fiber from starch slurry in sweet potato production technology. Centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are the mainly used sweet potato starch processing machine. And due to the starch still contains sand which will influence the taste of sweet potato starch, therefore the desander are used for removing sand out of starch slurry.

sweet potato starch extraction machineSweet potato starch refining machine

5. Starch slurry concentration and refining

This involves the removal of protein, small fibers and cell sap from the starch slurry for sweet potato production technology. For this purpose, the multi-stage hydrocyclone station is commonly used. The first 3 cyclones concentrate the starch slurry and then the starch slurry goes into 14-stage refining cyclones. The full hydrocyclone technology includes the concentration, refining and recycling of starch slurry. In addition,  to prevent enzymatic darkening of starch slurry the chemical refining of starch is carried out using sulfurous acid.

6. Dewatering of refined starch milk

Starch milk comes out of hydrocyclone station is a suspension of starch in water, which needs dewatering up to 38% of moisture in sweet potato production technology. High temperatures cannot be used in this process because of the danger of starch gelatinization which destroys granular structure. It may result in significant changes of the functional starch properties. Therefore, removal of excess water from milk shall be done only under conditions that prevent the gelatinization of starch. Vacuum filter is the widely used dewatering machine in sweet potato production technology which can effectively reduce water content of starch milk.

sweet potato starch processing machinerySweet potato starch dewatering machine

7. Starch drying

The water content of dewatered starch comes out of vacuum filter is about 38%. It need to be further dried to meet the moisture content of commercial starch when stored in sweet potato production technology.  For this purpose a flash dryer is used. In this device moist starch is floating in strong and hot air flow and then dried during 2-3 seconds. Then, the starch is separated from hot air in cyclones. Due to short time of high temperature drying and intensive water evaporation from the starch granules, its surface is heated only to 40 °C.

8. Starch packing

Dried starch contains about 21% of water. Received starch is storing separately in silos, in jute bags (100 kg) or paper bags (50 kg) in sweet potato production technology. There are three kinds of starch: superior extra, superior and prima. Different sorts of starch depend on degree of purity and whiteness. The differences between them are in an acidity and content of mineral substances.

sweet potato starch processing equipment

Sweet potato starch drying machine

This is the entire introduction of sweet potato production technology. Doing Company has export sweet potato starch processing machine in Nigeria, Tanzania, Pakistan, India and other countries. Welcome to contact us and visit our factory.

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