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How to choose suitable cassava flour making machine?

Date:Jul 16, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava flour is one of the most important cash crops in Africa, which can replace wheat flour as a source of carbohydrate and has a good prospect. Many people want to produce cassava flour but don’t know how to choose suitable cassava flour making machine. Here I suggest you to choose machines from the following four aspects: production scale, machine technology, machine performance and the manufacturer qualification.

cassava flour making machineCassava flour making machine

①choose machine according to the cassava flour production scale

Before choosing cassava flour making machine, you need to figure out the detailed cassava flour production scale. The larger the production scale, the higher the daily processing capacity of the needed cassava flour making machine. We have helped many clients to install the cassava flour processing plant in more than 30 countries and the common production scales are 2t/h,4t/h,6t/h,10t/h,15t/h input cassava flour processing plant, you may choose the production scale and cassava flour making machine according to your budget. If you have no idea which kind of business scale is the most suitable for you, Henan Jinrui Company can offer suggestions for it.

②Choose machine according to the machine technology

After ensuring your cassava flour making machine processing capacity, you should also pay attention to the machine technology. Some cassava flour making machine technology is relatively backward, especially in the cassava grinding stage, the cassava flour extraction rate is very poor, this kind of machine is not only low efficiency, but also caused a lot of waste. It is suggested that we choose the cassava flour making machine with more advanced technology, which will help you get more profits. Taking the cassava crushing machine designed by Henan Jinrui Company as an example, it is equipped with international advanced technology. The machine parts which touch cassava raw material is all made of stainless steel, and it adopts the bidirectional raper to crush the cassava efficiently, which is helpful to improve the extraction rate and the food safety&taste of cassava flour. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high extraction rate and low power consumption.

Cassava crushing machineCassava crushing machine

③Choose machine according to the machine performance

Some equipment performance is very unstable, which will seriously affect the processing efficiency and quality of cassava flour. Although the price may be relatively low when purchasing such a cassava flour making machine, many problems often occur when it is put into use. It is recommended that you inspect and select high-quality cassava flour making machine with stable performance. And it is necessary to select those cassava flour making machines that are easy to repair and maintain, so that even if the equipment occasionally fails, it can be solved in time, and will not delay too much time or cause more loss.

④Choose machine according to the machine manufacturer qualification

The qualification of the manufacturer is an important reference data to judge whether the quality of cassava flour making machine is reliable and whether the after-sales guarantee system is perfect. It is important to choose a machine manufacturer that is  trusted by consumers and recognized by the relevant institutions. Powerful manufacturers will not only rely on publicity, but also offer clients complete pre-sale & after-sales service. The manufacturer can give users according to the actual situation of customized processing scheme, arrange site visit, equipment selection guidance and suggestions, production layout planning, related technical training, etc. Besides that, the reliable manufacturer will also set up files for customers, track the operation of the equipment in time, and repair personnel will come to solve problems so as to reduce unnecessary losses of customers as far as possible.

Factory visitingFactory visiting

For more detailed information about cassava flour making machine, welcome to contact Henan Jinrui Company,who is a professional cassava flour making machine manufacturer and supplier. We can not only help you choose the most suitable cassava flour making machine, but also support customized service, technical installation, factory or overseas warehouse visiting,etc.


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