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What are the advantages of potato starch processing equipment?

Date:Jul 09, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

With the development of modern science and technology, potato starch processing gradually closer to mechanization, and automatic potato starch processing equipment has become the main way of processing potato starch in the market. In order to improve the quality of potato starch, the equipment has been improved by Henan Jinrui Company’s R&D team for many times,which wins the high praise of customers. The potato starch processing equipment mainly has the following three advantages: full automatic operation, high potato starch extraction rate, high cleanliness degree.

Potato starch processing machinePotato strach processing equipment

1. It has the advantage of fully automatic operation.

First of all, potato starch processing equipment has the advantage of full automation. Potato starch production process are completed by automatic potato starch processing equipment, which is equipped with PLC automatic control system. The entire production process takes only 15 minutes, only the operation of the potato starch  processing equipment is required by the numerical control computer. With low labor requirements, operators just simply need to put potato into the feed port and start the equipment. Then the potato starch processing equipment can automatically carry out cleaning, crushing, purification, dehydration and drying, screening and packaging of potato.

2. It has the advantage of high potato starch extraction rate.

High potato starch extraction rate is one of the advantages of potato starch processing equipment. The higher the extraction rate of potato starch, the higher the yield of  potato starch,the higher economic benefits. Henan Jinrui Company's potato starch processing equipment starch extraction rate can reach 94%, which is inseparable from the advanced potato starch processing technology.

A. In the cleaning stage,dry sieve and rotary washing machine have the reasonable speed, high cleaning&low damage degree of raw material surface,and the starch can be extracted to a high degree.

B. In the crushing stage, we can adopt cutting machine and rasper to crush potato raw materials. The higher crushing rate of raw material,the higher potato starch extraction rate .The pre-crushing effect of the cutting machine is good. Then small potato chunks broken through the fine grinding of the rasper can free the binding starch in the raw material of potato,which will improve the starch extraction rate.

potato crushing machineRasper

C. In the drying stage, the flash dryer adopts the negative pressure drying system to prompt the instant drying and control the loss of potato starch,which will further improve the extraction rate of potato starch.

3. It has the advantage of high cleanliness degree.

Last but not least, high cleanliness degree is also a big advantage of potato starch processing equipment. Potato starch is mostly used in people's cooking food, so people are very concerned about the cleanliness degree of potato starch. The potato starch processing equipment designed by Henan Jinrui Company adopts the sealed processing technology and multi-channel impurity removal process, which can avoid the contact with external sundries and remove the impurities. In addition, the equipment parts in contact with potato starch are made of stainless steel to improve the hygiene coefficient and ensure the quality of the finished potato starch.

Henan Jinrui Company is a modern enterprise dedicated to the innovative design of potato starch processing equipment with more than ten years experience. We can not only supply you the most suitable equipment at factory price, but also design reasonable schemes and equipment according to the needs of investors. Welcome to contact us to obtain detailed information!


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