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How to make glucose syrup from corn starch?

Date:May 15, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
Glucose syrup, also known as confectioner's glucose, is a syrup made from the hydrolysis of starch, such as corn starch, potato starch , cassava starch and so on.   Glucose syrup is also called as corn syrup, since glucose syrup is most commonly made from corn starch.
The traditional technolog of glucose production is produce glucose syrup from starch (mainly is corn starch ) which is we all known.  But now our company have the new technology of glucose production which can produce the glucose syrup from corn or rice/ broken rice directly. But it's mention to tell you the following glucose syrup production process also suitable for use corn starch as raw material to make glucose syrup, so you can understand this as the answer for how to make glucose syrup from corn starch.
How to make glucose syrup from corn starch

Equipments used for make glucose syrup from corn starch

Our new technology of glucose production process is as below :
1. Corn powder or rice powder production of glucose prodcution process:
Use dry milling mthod to get corn powder or rice powder. During the powder production, there do not need any water.
how to make glucose syrup
Glucose syrup made main equipments
2. Mixing of glucose prodcution process
Mixing corn powder or rice powder with water and enzyme to make slurry . It need enough time to make sure the dry powder can absorb enough water for soften.
3. Liquification process in the answer for how to make glucose syrup from corn starch:
The slurry will be sprayed at high temperature by jet cooker . With the aid of starch enzyme and steam , the starch conten in the power  will be converted into liquid dextrin .
4. Deproteinization:
After liquification process ,only the starch become into liquid dextrin , the protein and other  solid impurity should be sepatated by filter press . After deproteinization , the liquid dextrin will go to next process and the protein feed will be left.  The protein feed is top grade protein additives for the animal feed .
5. Saccharification:
The saccharification process is convert the liquid dextrin into required DE value glucose syrup with the aid of gluco-amylase .  The saccharification time is depend on the Required DE value of the glucose syrup . More higher DE required will need more longer time. This saccharification process is important for how to make glucose syrup from corn starch.
how to make glucose syrup
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6. Decolorization of glucose prodcution process
For getting clear glucose syrup , the glucose syrup need decolor.  Usually use the food grade activated carbon to mix with glucose syrup to remove the color of glucose syrup. If you don't request the glucose products is colorless, just remove this process form the process of how to make glucose syrup from corn starch.
7. Decarburization of glucose prodcution process
When the decolorization is finish , the filter process is used to separate the used actived carbon and clear glucose syrup .
8. Ion exchange of glucose prodcution process:
For get impurity of glucose syrup , the Ion exchange process is need .The resin inside of the Ion exchage columns will remove the tiny foreign items and bad odor to increase the purity of glucose syrup.
how to make glucose syrup from corn starch
Glucose syrup equipments in Doing Company
9. Concentration process:
After Ion exchage , the glucose syrup denstiy is low , the evaporator is used to remove the water inside of glucose to get the required DS glucose syurp . Usually it need multi-effect evaporator with single effect evaporator work together. This is the last process of how to make glucose syrup from corn starch.
10. Finshed product storage of glucose prodcution process:
The glucose syrup which reach the required DS in the evaporation process will be pumped into final product storage tanks for storage. The final product tank can keep the glucose syrup purity before transportation.
Our company can supply the complete set corn/rice glucose syrup processing plant include all glucose syrup making machine and the technology service. If you have any other problems for how to make glucose syrup from corn starch, please contact us freely.

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