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Jet liquefied system

Jet liquefied system Introduction

After the biological response,  use the pump to pumping into liquefaction process, corn powder or rice power or starch at high temperature spray in regular time, the corn powder or rice powder  or starch will transfer to glucose slurry.

Jet liquefied system

Technical parameter of Jet liquefied system

Model Output/m3 Powder/KW Remark
GS-20 1.2 4 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-30 1.6 5.5 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-50 3 7.5 Stainless steel with thermal insulation
GS-100 4.6 11 Stainless steel with thermal insulation

Jet liquefied system can applied in the following glucose syrup production line:

(1) Corn glucose syrup production line

(2) Rice glucose syrup production line

(3) Wheat glucose syrup production line

(4)Cassava glucose syrup production line

(5) Potato glucose syrup production line

(6) Fructose syrup production line

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