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How to make tapioca flour from cassava?

Date:Mar 05, 2020/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Tapioca Flour is also called cassava flour. It has a high starch content and it is the one of the most versatile gluten free flours. That's exactly why it is very popular in food industry. It is very popular and cost-saving to make tapioca flour and it is easily to storage. So do you want to know how to make tapioca flour from cassava? Next this article will mainly introduce two different technologies: One is the traditional dry method, the other one is the advanced wet milling technology.

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The traditional dry method

Obviously, traditional method does not have many advanced tapioca flour machines, and most steps need to be done by manual operation. After farmers harvest the cassava from the field, they peel it and wash it firstly.Then they cut the cassava tubers into smaller pieces or chips. Because the smaller size will make it easier to dry under the sun. Next the workers will use a traditional milling machine to mill the dried cassava into tapioca flour. During the whole process, they use only one or two machines.

How to make tapioca flour from cassava?By traditional manual operationTraditional manual operation for tapioca flour making

The advanced wet milling technology

For advanced method, cassava also need to wash and peel. But this step is finished by modern cassava peeling and washing machine.

Then the cassava cutter and rasper machine will grinding cassava into pulp. Next dewatering the cassava pulp into cake and break it. Finally drying wet tapioca flour in the flash dryer directly. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes. If you have a higher requirement of the fineness, it is essential to match a cassava sieving machine to separate the coarse powder. With the wet tapioca flour processing technology, people can get the high quality tapioca flour.

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How to make tapioca flour from cassava?Modern tapioca flour processing machineModern tapioca flour processing machine

No matter what technology you use, you can make tapioca flour from cassava. If you want to make tapioca flour from cassava by tapioca flour processing machine, welcome to contact us. We also have small tapioca flour processing machine for you to choose.

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