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How to remove starch from cassava ?

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In recent years, not only in Africa, but also in China, a number of starch plants have been built, all of which use Chinese-made equipment, with production scales ranging from 35 tons per day to 200 tons per day. Now, there have been some newly equipments on the market. This article describes the Chinese-made equipment used in the cassava starch production line of the Cassava Technology Development Center and how to remove starch from cassava. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of Chinese cassava starch, the cassava starch industry has been transformed from small-scale production in the past, to scale and mechanization.

how to remove starch from cassavaCassava starch processing plant in Tanzania

China's starch production and manufacturing technology is maturing. Mainly reflected in the following aspects of how to remove starch from cassava:

1. The starch equipment manufactured is efficient, reliable and energy-saving.

2. Adaptability, it can support 35tons-400 tons of starch production line of different scales.

3. The manufacturing cost is low, compared with similar imported products, its cost is only 1/2 to 1/4 of imported products, and the ratio of sex is high.

how to remove starch from cassavaCassava

Due to the above advantages in the process of how to remove starch from cassava, the starch equipment manufactured in China has not only been recognized by the majority of cassava starch manufacturers, but also has a certain degree of competitiveness in the international market.

The process of how to remove starch from cassava is generally as follows:

1. Using fresh cassava as raw material: washing→disintegration→sieving→de-sanding→refining→concentration→dehydration→drying→packaging→in stock

2. Using dried cassava as raw material: washing → disintegration → soaking → secondary disintegration → screening → sand removal → refining → bleaching → concentration → dehydration → drying → packaging → storage

how to remove starch from cassavaHow to remove starch from cassava process

So the method we use regularly and the most important steps of how to remove starch from cassava are crushing, separating, and drying. Crushing is the key process in cassava processing. Its equipment working principle is: the working shaft rotates at high speed, the linear speed is about 70m/s, and it produces strong impact force, shearing knife and friction force to impact the material, so that the starch granules in the cassava cell wall are freed. To achieve the purpose of separating starch from fiber. At the same time of pulverizing, adding an appropriate amount of cooling water or recovering the slurry serves to cool the hammer and dilute the slurry.

The use of disc separators for how to remove starch from cassava has changed the traditional method of starch production. Its main function is to remove impurities such as protein, fat and fine fibers from starch milk, and to refine and concentrate starch milk. It is a more sophisticated starch separation equipment. The working principle is: the centrifugal force is generated when the drum of the separating machine rotates at a high speed. Due to the different density of the materials to be separated, the starch with a higher density slides along the lower surface of the disc to the settlement area under the action of a large centrifugal force. After being tangentially ejected through nozzles on the wall of the drum, it is discharged into the collecting bucket. The less dense yellow pulp water and small fibers are subjected to less centrifugal force, which is discharged from the small end of the disc and then through the upper end centripetal pump.

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