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Isolation of starch from cassava process

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The principle of isolation of starch from cassava: The production process of cassava starch is a physical separation process, which separates starch from cassava raw materials with substances such as cellulose, protein and inorganic substances. In the isolation of starch from cassava process, the root starch is insoluble in cold water and the specific gravity is greater than water. The water and special mechanical equipment are used to separate the starch from the water suspension, thereby achieving the purpose of recovering the starch.

cassava productionCassava

With the development of cassava processing, the way of isolation of starch from cassava gradually differentiated into two directions, on the one hand, family style workshops, on the other hand, modern industrial production. However, even if the same type of isolation of starch from cassava, the factors affecting the finished product of cassava starch are diverse. Next, we are going to talk about the main factors affecting the quality of processed raw materials:

1. The level of starch content affects the isolation of starch from cassava.

2. The quality of cassava raw materials affects the process control of deep processing of cassava products

3. The quality of cassava raw materials is related to the quality of finished products for deep processing of isolation of starch from cassava.

4. The promotion of high-yield and high-powder rate cassava varieties is slow.

cassava processingCassava & cassava starch

So how to explore the difference between machine extraction and manual labor methods of cassava starch, such as small capacity starch machine. It is great for family-style. The machinery of isolation of starch from cassava has excellent performance, reasonable structure and compact, Reliable, productive, and labor-saving. First, fresh cassava is cut into filaments by high-speed rotating, and then three processes of coarse pulverization, fine refining and automatic starch slurry and slag separation are expected to be completed at one time. The treated cassava has no lump and skin, and the starch extraction rate is high. The cassava starch processing machine can be fixed or mobile, and is an ideal equipment for isolation of starch from cassava. As for manual method, cassava is firstly washed by hand to remove debris and be grated into slurry. Then a sieving bag is used for slag separation, a sedimentation tank is a good choice for remove impurities for labor method. Finally starch is dried by sun drying. The starch produced by manual method is relatively low quality and easily be polluted.

isolation of starch from cassava machineIsolation of starch from cassava machine

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture has been promoting improved cassava varieties in Nigeria since the mid-1980s. By the mid-1990s, improved varieties had been planted in the Nigeria area, and production has increased significantly. According to the statistics of African Agriculture, the area of cassava planted in 2005 reached 3.8 million hectares, with an average yield of 11.84 tons per hectare. The total output increased from 34 million tons in 2002 to 44 million tons. In 2007, foreign exchange earned about US$5 billion. The main exporting countries were the European Union, China, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Nigeria's cassava has been transformed from a low-yield, poorly-recognized reserve crop to a high-yield economic crop. However, the development of the cassava root processing industry has not kept up with the increase in production. At present, the family style hand workshop is the highest form of isolation of starch from cassava. Large and medium-sized processing equipment and factories are still rare in Nigeria. Cassava products in Nigeria are far from meeting the needs of the global market.

Whether it is in African countries or China, the development space of isolation of starch from cassava is huge. Due to the wide variety of products in the industry, the characteristics of the scale economy of the industry are not obvious. It holds the dual characteristics of large-scale and decentralized economy, and the popular low-end products and scale. The characteristics of the economy are obvious, and the large-scale has obvious competitive advantages.

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