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How to separate potato starch ?

Date:Dec 20, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

There are numerous ways to process potato starch, but the whole process is physical. How to separate the potato starch? First is cleaning the material, then physically pulverizing, and separating the protein impurities, followed by dehydration and the drying session. After a series of treatments, high quality potato starch can be packaged.

What is the key point of how to separate potato starch? First of all, keeping the freshness of the material, more fresh potatoes can extract the more starch, so the processing process is needed to quickly transform the potatoes into economic crops with high economic efficiency.

The second is that the extraction tool plays a key role in the whole process of how to separate potato starch.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch processing machine

On the following is the overview of how to separate potato starch:

1. Raw material cleaning

1.The cleaning process for how to separate potato starch are mainly to remove the sediment from the outer skin layer of the material, and to remove the skin of the root of the material. Stone cleaning machine can be used to remove the solid impurities in the material. Cleaning the raw material for the production of starch is the foundation for ensuring the quality of the starch. Cleaning the raw material for the production of starch is the basis for assuring the quality of the starch. The cleaner is the cleaning step, the better quality of the starch. Conveying is the transfer of materials to the next process, often with a cleaning function. According to the soil and material characteristics, some of them can be combined to achieve superior cleaning purity and convenient transportation.

2. Potato crushing

The purpose of the pulverization is to destroy the structure of the material, so that the tiny starch granules can be smoothly separated from the roots. The requirements for commenting are: rupturing the cells of the material as much as possible, releasing more free starch granules; easy to separate. It is not desirable that the skin residue is too fine to separate the starch from other components, which increase the difficulty of separating the fine residue. How to separate potato starch with high quality? The decisive factor is the degree of material handling during the commissioning process.

potato starch processing machinePotato crushing machine

3. Screening process in how to separate potato starch:

Starch extraction, also known as pulp separation, it is a strategic link in potato starch processing line, directly affecting starch extraction rate and starch quality. The pulverized material is translucent fiber. The expansion coefficient is larger than the starch granule. The pulverized material is kept separate from the starch by using water as a medium.

4. Washing and extraction process

Traditional method for how to separate potato starch use a settling basin for washing and extraction of starch pulp. By this means, starch is susceptible to environmental pollution, resulting in low quality starch products. Nowadays the washing and concentrating of the starch is performed by means of a cyclone, through which the starch slurry after sieving is passed to the product quality requirements. The equipment is provided with a complete automatic control system and is ideal for starch washing equipment.

potato starch processing machineHydrocyclone washing and extraction machine

5. Starch dehydration

Starch dehydration can be ommitted in small scale family-style processing method. For they directly dry the starch by sun. But mechanical processing method requires dehydration operation before drying. Potato starch is usually a vacuum suction filter for improving the efficiency of how to separate potato starch. Automatic feeding, automatic dehydration and automatic cleaning are possible.

6. Starch drying

Unlike traditional sun drying method, airflow starch drying machine is commonly used for starch drying of how to separate potato starch. This method uses a high-speed flowing hot air stream to suspend the wet starch therein and dry it during the flow of the air stream. It has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, larger heat transfer area and short drying time.

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