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How to operate gluten washing machine?

Date:Oct 22, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Description of DOING gluten washing machine:

Working principle: Drive helix to mix and knead flour.

Material: Food grade 304 stainless steel

Usefulness of gluten washing machine: To make gluten.

Advantages: National patent, easy operation, lower power consumption, stable running, long service life, sturdy and durable.

How to operate the gluten washing machine? The steps just as below:

gluten washing machineSteps of making gluten

1. Ensure the double helix gluten washing machine be installed on flat floor, tighten the foot bolt

2. Ensure the reverse direction of rotation of the two axis

3. Make sure the drive system of gluten washing machine works properly before starting up

4. Make sure the temperature of water is about 20℃

5. Washing the slurry for 3-5 times to get the final gluten.

gluten washing machineGluten washing machine

Maintenance and security issues when operating gluten washing machine:

A. The operator should stick to work, not allowed to feed excess and overloaded. Always observe the operation of the gluten washing machine.

B. Put lubricating oil into speed reducer, but not be excessive. The initial use of the oil released within a week, change into the new oil, then every six months change for new oil

C. Operation of gluten washing machine are not allowed personal contact with rotating parts, in order to avoid accidents

D. Electrical equipment (including wire) should always check their degree of insulation, shall comply with the relevant standards

E. When clean, inspect and repair the gluten washing machine, it should hang sign on the main switch in order to avoid unpredictable accidents.


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