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How to process sweet potato into starch by sweet potato starch production machine?

Date:Jul 27, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
Sweet potato starch is extracted from fresh sweet potato, like the cassava starch and potato starch. The sweet potato starch is mainly used for making food. Sweet potato starch noodle is one kind very popular in Asia country.
sweet potato starch
How to process starch by sweet potato starch production machine?
The sweet potato starch production process include seveal steps: sweet potato cleaning and washing, sweet potato wet milling, sweet potato starch extraction, starch milk refining, dewatering of refined starch milk and starch drying.
The detail description of sweet potato starch production machine:
1.Sweet potato cleaning and washing by sweet potato starch production machine
Coarsely cleaning of sweet potatoes takes place during the transport of sweet potatoes to the scrubber by channel.In addition,before the scrubber, straw and stones separators are installed. The main cleaning is conducted in scrubber (different kinds of high specialized machines are used). The remaining stones, sludge and light wastes are removed at this step.Water used for washing is then purified and recycled back into the process.
sweet potato starch production line

Sweet potato starch production flow chart

2.Sweet potato wet milling by sweet potato starch production machine
Most often the milling of sweet potato tubers is carried out by a hammer mill. The purpose of this stage is disruption of cell walls, which therefore release as much starch as possible to extract starch from sweet potato.
sweet potato starch processing plant
Sweet potato starch processing machine
3.Starch extraction process during sweet potato starch production machine
The sweet potato slurry will be pump to the starch extractotr to separate the starch milk and the fiber with peels . Starch milk is contaminated by small fiber particles and the remaining components of the sweet potato juice–that’s why it is called raw starch milk.
4.Starch milk refining process
Raw starch milk is purified in the refining process. This involves the removal of small fibers from the starch milk and then the removal of juice water and starch milk condensation. For this purpose, the screens and hydrocyclones are commonly used. Hydrocyclones due to the low output (approximately 0.3 cubic meter per hour) are connected in parallel and works as multihydrocyclones. For the starch milk desanding bihydrocyclones are used.  Refined starch milk has a density of about 22° Be, which is about 38% of starch.
sweet potato starch production machine

Sweet potato starch production machine

5.Dewatering of refined starch milk process
Dewatering of refined starch milk is carried out in two stages. In the first stage the excess water is removed by means of a rotary vacuum filter (with water content 38–40%).
6.Sweet potato starch drying process
The starch drying machine will dry the wet starch (with water content 36–40%) with hot air during 2–3 seconds.Then the starch is separated from hot air in cyclones.Due to short time of high temperature drying and intensive water evaporation from the starch granules, its surface is heated only to 40 °C. Dried sweet potato starch contains about 12%~13% of water content.


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