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What is potato starch extraction process?

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Starch production is an isolation of starch from potato process. It takes place in starch plants. Starch industry is a part of food processing which is using starch as a starting material for production of starch derivatives, hydrolysates, dextrins. Potato starch extraction process comprises the steps of delivery and unloading potatoes, cleaning, rasping of tubers,potato juice separation, starch extraction, starch milk rafination, dewatering of refined starch milk and potato starch drying.

potato starch extraction plantPotato starch extraction plant

Delivery and unloading potatoes:

Fresh potatoes are delivered to the starch plants via road or rail transport. Unloading of potatoes could be done in two ways.

Cleaning section of potato starch extraction process:

Coarsely cleaning of potatoes takes place during the transport of potatoes to the scrubber by channel.

Rasping of potatoes:

Most often the rasping of potato tubers is carried out with a rotary grater. The purpose of this stage in potato starch extraction process is disruption of cell walls, which therefore release the starch.

potato starch extraction process flow chartPotato starch extraction process

Potato starch extraction - Fiber separation:

This potato starch extraction process allows the recovery full-value protein from juice and reduces the onerousness of water juice as a sludge.

Purification part - Protein separation:

Starch milk purification and concentration. Normally 12-18 stage hydrocyclone groups are adopted for starch purification and concentration in potato starch extraction process.

potato starch extraction machineDOING potato starch extraction machinery

Starch milk dewatering:

In potato starch extraction process, the puritied starch milk then enters into vacuum filter, where moisture content of starch is dewatered from 60% to 38%-40%.

Potato starch drying:

It is a wet starch cake, which needs dewatering up to 20% of moisture. Doing Company developed the air-stream starch flash dryer with low temperature drying system, which can dry the potato starch in short time, guarantee no gelatinization.

All in all, the above is the potato starch extraction process. Doing Company offers complete set of potato starch processing machine, and we can also make a turn-key project for you. Any more details about the potato starch extraction process or any question for DOING starch processing machine, please contact us freely.

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