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How to process cassava in Nigeria by the modern cassava processing machine?

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Nigerian cassava

Nigeria is the world's largest producer of cassava. The annual average temperature is 26~27 °C, so the natural conditions are very suitable for cassava growth.

The main products from cassava

The 3 main products from cassava are garri, cassava flour and cassava starch.

Garri is the staple food for the people in Nigeria. There is no scale requirement. The manual operation or several machines are available.

Compared with garri, cassava flour doesn't need fermentation. It has a more elaborate process.

Cassava starch is an industrial raw material for many products, including candy, textiles, alcohol, etc. It is also an important part of the food. Many countries have a strong demand for cassava starch.

process cassava in Nigeria3 main products from cassava:garri, cassava flour and cassava starch

How to process cassava in Nigeria by the modern cassava processing machine?

Garri processing

Washing - Peeling - Grinding - Dehydration - Fermentation - Frying

First, we should remove the sand, mud and other impurities from cassava. Then the cassava double skin should be peeled. The third step is to grind the cassava into a slurry. Next, you can get a better taste by fermentation. After it, the dehydration treatment is carried out to make the water content reach about 35%-40%. Finally, it is fried and the taste will be better.

process cassava in NigeriaGarri processing

Cassava flour processing

Washing - Peeling -Crushing - Dewatering - Siftering - Drying

First, cassava should be cleaned and peeled. Then we should cut the cassava material into pieces with a cutter and crush it into a slurry with rasper which makes the cassava particles finer. The next step is further to remove the sand and the fibers. Then the slurry will be dewatered by a filter press machine which will form a filter cake. At last, the flash dryer should be used for drying. The moisture content of the final cassava flour is about 14%.

process cassava in NigeriaCassava flour processing

Cassava starch processing

Washing - Crushing - Purification - Drying

First, the cassava should be washed and then crushed into slurry by a rasper machine. It is similar to cassava flour processing. Then it is further purified by the peeler centrifuge machine and hydrocyclone station machine. Finally, the flash dryer can dry cassava starch instantly in the gas flowing process by using high-speed flowing hot air to suspend wet starch.

process cassava in NigeriaCassava starch processing

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