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What products can be made from cassava?

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Cassava is the main crop in Africa. I'm sure you won't feel strange to cassava. But do you know what products can be made from cassava? Maybe you only know some of it, but it is not all. So let me tell you the rest of the answer.

1.Cassava starch

Starch can be eaten as food, which can also be used in many industries, like the food industry(bread, drink, beer, etc), paper industry and deep processing into syrup, alcohol, etc. Cassava starch is also the most important value of products can be made from cassava.

products from cassavaThe steps of producting cassava starch from cassava

2.Cassava flour and fufu flour

Cassava flour and fufu flour have similar processing technical. But fufu flour needs fermentation, which will make the flavor more special, and can be eaten directly if mix with water.

Cassava flour mainly industrial use for the food industry, for example, the biscuit, bread, cookies, etc. Cassava flour is a substitute good of wheat flour to some extent, which will make the taste better and also has a lower raw material cost.

products from cassavaFufu flour & Cassava flour

3.Cassava chips

Cassava chips can be used for ethanol processing, for animal feed, etc. The thin cassava chips can be produced with snacks with different flavors, which is also very popular in the supermarket.

products from cassavaCassava chips made from cassava


Garri is a very popular staple food in West Africa, especially Nigeria, Ghana, etc. Garri can be sipped raw after frying by adding water and maybe sugar, groundnut, and milk to taste. It can also be stirred with hot water by a wooden stick. Then you can eat it with soup until it becomes smooth and edible.

In order to produce garri, the cassava tubers would be peeled, washed and grated, which then produces mash. With 2~3 days fermentation, the cassava mesh is then sifted and roasted by heating in garri fryer and it now produces garri.

products from cassavaWhite garri & Yellow garri

The above 4 products are the main and popular value products can be made from cassava. Also there are some others like cassava Attieke, Amala, cassava cake, etc. They are mainly popular is some specific country in Africa and Southeast Asia etc. If you are interested in processing any products of the above, you are also welcome to contact us. We will try our best to provide a solution to cassava processing.

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