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What's the starch processing equipment price?

Date:Dec 14, 2020/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

The price of starch processing equipment is one of the basic issues to be considered when establishing starch processing plant. What’s the price of starch processing equipment? In fact, it is affected by many factors. Next, Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui will analyze for you one by one.

The first factor is production capacity of starch processing equipment.

Different production capacity of starch processing equipment are different prices. The smallest scale starch production line Henan Jinrui can provide you is 5 ton starch per day, and the biggest we provide is 200tons starch per day. The bigger production capacity of starch production line, more expensive of starch processing equipment.

starch processing equipmentStarch processing equipment with large production capacity

The second factor is configuration of starch processing equipment.

High configuration can reduce starch loss during the starch production process, which definitely guarantee starch yield. For example, in crushing process, hammer mill and rasper machine have the same crushing function. The difference is that rasper machine have higher rotation speed and can achieve perfect crushing efficiency. The better crushing effect, the more starch will be released,  more expensive starch processing equipment.

Besides, raw material for starch processing equipment will influence its price.

Carbon steel starch processing equipment is cheap, but the equipment is easily corroded and has a short service life. Stainless steel equipment are corrosion resistant, but stainless steel equipment are expensive, so more budgets are required. In comparison, the starch processing equipment where the part in contact with starch is made of stainless steel and the rest is made of carbon steel can ensure the sanitation of the finished starch and prolong the service life of starch processing, and the price is more suitable. If you want stainless steel equipment, Henan Jinrui also can provide with you.

starch processing equipmentStainless steel starch processing equipment of Henan Jinrui

Finally, the price of starch processing equipment is affected by brand of motors and electronics components.

Prices for starch processing equipment equipped with different brands of motors and electronic components are different. If you have no special requirements for the brand of motors, Henan Jinrui will match well-known Chinese brand motors for you. If you want to use internationally famous brand of motors, Henan Jinrui can also provide them for you. Starch processing equipment using internationally famous brand motors will be more expensive.

Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui can provide you with a variety of starch processing equipment. If you want to know detailed price of starch processing equipment, please leave us your contact information and needs, and our project manager will quote you.


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