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What's the starch processing equipment price?

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Starch is a kind of white powder that is dehydrated and dried after starch extraction. It is widely used in food industry and non-food industry. Starch production is a very promising market. Doing company mainly engaged in the design, processing and manufacturing of the starch equipment, and make installation and commissioning for the supporting projects.

starch applications

Starch wide applications

Starch processing equipment process:

Technical process:

Raw material - Cleaning and washing - Grinding - Starch extraction -  Filtering and desanding - Starch concentration and purification - Dewatering - Drying

Machine order:

Dry sieve - Paddle washer - Cutting machine - Rasper - Centrifuge sieve - Fine fiber sieve - Disc separator - Hydrocyclone - Vacuum filter  - Flash dryer

starch process

Main process of starch making

Main equipments and its function in this starch processing equipment:

1) Cleaning parts of starch processing equipment:

Dry sieve: Widely used in impurities pre-removal for starch production. It's used to remove dirt, sand, small stones, weeds and other impurities that are attached on the surface of potato, sweet potato and cassavas.

Paddle washer: Mainly used  to wash the raw materials. Adopted countercurrent washing principle. By the effect of paddle pushing, the raw material flows in the converse direction against water currently, which makes washing completely and eliminate sand and mud at most.

cage cleaning machine

Large capacity cage cleaning machine

2) Crushing parts of starch processing equipment:

Cutting machine: Its main function is cut raw materials into small pieces, 3-5cm, for further processing.

Rasper: Break the materials, crush cassavas into slurry, release starch particles from cell, with high starch dissociation rate.

crushing machine

Cutting machine and rasper for starch processing

3) Starch extraction of starch processing equipment:

Centrifuge sieve: Used for the extraction of starch from the materials, remove fiber from starch slurry, high starch extraction rate.

4) Starch filtering and desanding of cassava starch processing equipment:

Fine fiber sieve: It is a machine mainly for separating small particles of fiber from starch slurry. This process is achieved by gravity of the slurry and screen mesh inside the drum.

starch concentration and purification

Centrifuge sieve and hydrocyclone for starch processing

5) Starch concentration and purification of cassava starch processing equipment:

Disc separator: It is widely used in processing of starch to separate protein and cell liquid out of slurry, with high separating factor.

Hydrocyclone: It is designed to get rid of related substances such as fiber and protein in the starch milk. For the starch's washing, concentration and purification.

Usually suggest this two machine used in combination, make the production high efficiency and high quality.

starch drying system

Vacuum dryer and flash dryer for starch drying

6) Drying system of cassava starch processing equipment:

Vacuum filter: Widely used for the starch dewatering, final starch water content is 38%-42%.

Flash dryer: This is the last step for tapioca starch production. It adopts low temperature drying system, which will prevent starch gelatinization. Final starch water content is 12%-14%.

Above all, its the complete starch processing equipment. The starch processing equipment price is different according to your capacity requests and making materials requests.

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